Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Letters....Anniversaries, Ashley and Starbucks Lovers

Dear January....Bye Felicia! I have to admit that this January has been pretty nice, I just have an irrational dislike of this month. Christmas trees and lights come down, sales disappear, everyone's too poor to hang out and it's typically the coldest month of the year. I can't hate on this January too much but I'm never sad to see February come! 

Dear Ash....Happy happy birthday!! Love your sweet and spunky spirit and the fact that this blog world made you one of my sweetest friends! So thankful for you and our friendship! Have the happiest day.  

Dear Atlanta....It was this week last year that this happened. Snowpocalypse!!!  I am 10,000 shades of grateful that this year, you sent all the snow to Boston. Juuust kidding Boston people.....kinda. But I mean, you do have snow plows and salt and snow gear. Us Atlanta peeps were out in the streets donating our cans of Mortons to the Department of Transportation. 

Dear Taylor Swift...This week I realized the line in the song is actually, I've got a long list of ex lovers." Amazing....Admit it, you thought she said Starbucks lovers too!

Happy Friday Friends! What are you doing this weekend?! 



The Pink Growl said...

I just took all my Christmas stuff down (finally, I'm redneck I know) last weekend and it's definitely been a sad thing! It's hard to adjust in the winter.

P!nky said...

HAH! I thought Starbuks lovers, too! Great minds, right?

Southern Gal said...

I have to admit that is what I thought she was saying. I had to look up the lyrics to finally figure it out.