Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DC || New Years

Can we please stay in our little holiday bubble for just a litttltte while longer? I'm not quite ready to give up the thoughts of short work weeks, glittery skirts and a steady stream of occasions to see family and friends.

So until tomorrow (or whenever this blogger finds the time to have another date with her computer) I'm going to revel in the last ounce of holiday goodness - and share my New Years Eve with you all. 

This year I forewent all the holiday parties here in Atlanta and hopped on a plane to DC. After I was able to stuff four pairs of shoes, three dresses, two pairs of jeans and a handful of tops and hair accouterments into my carry-on (god bless extended zippers) it was all fun and games. 

As soon as I landed in DC, Rissy and I got ready and headed to a penthouse party with her sweet friend Lauren. When there is no one around to take your picture, mirrors are your friend.  

Mirror Picture Take 2

Happy Year

Throwback to One Tree Hill

Our first "usie "of 2015. This was taken during the time we were waiting out uber's 7.5% price surge.

The next day we were total tourists, walking all over DC....and accidentally right into the White House after trying to find it for an hour. But before all that, we got to have brunch with Mikaela! I was SO excited for this. I have followed her blog for nearly three years now. And she is just as sweet and beautiful and fun in real life as she is on her blog. I love when that happens! 

 So wish we lived closer lady! 

Sightseeing in DC....where we happened upon the White House 

POV Rooftop Bar in the famous Washington Hotel

Atlanta in DC!

The next day we decided to take it easy and enjoyed a relaxing couch day full of Chrissley Knows Best. I had to take a picture of Rissy's living room because I get a snap like this at least once a week. I felt like I was somewhere famous, seeing it in real life! 

Thank you Rissy Boo and Mikaela for such a fab New Year! You turned my least favorite holiday into one to remember! 

How did you spend your New Years?! 



Jenn said...

Looks like So so much fun! Glad you had a good time on your visit up here!

Rissy said...

Come back!!! lol I had the best time with you! And you are the ultimate packer :)

BLovedBoston said...

What a fun trip!!! Next stop Boston right!? xo, Biana - http://www.blovedboston.com/2015/01/january-goals.html

P!nky said...

Soooooooo glad we were able to meet...finally! I had such a blast with you and Rissy and totally agree, y'all are exactly as awesome as your blogs show. No faking there ;)!

I'm so happy you had a good visit, come back sooon!

Kayla MKOY said...

Ah that's SO fun! How cool that you two got to meet?! Yay!!! You looked gorgeous on NYE girlfriend!

Nadine said...

Looks like a fun trip!!! I used to live in Atlanta! I really miss it sometimes.

Katie said...

how fun!! I love your new years dress! so cute!!

Pamela said...

how funnnnnnnnnnn!

Alex said...

So fancyyyyy in your penthouse!!!

Shannon said...


However, if I showed that much thigh, my pasty white legs would have blinded half of DC. :)

Unknown said...

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