Monday, December 1, 2014


Well we've stuffed our turkeys, we've Black-Friday'd and Cyber-Monday'd and officially rolled our way into the last month of the year. 

And today I wanted to share something I've been thinking about kind of a lot. And share an idea with this second-family-blog-community of mine. An idea close to my heart.

There's so many professions that, despite the fact it's a holiday, work must continue on...Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Pilots, Firefighters, Police Officers and so on. 

But out of those, there's one profession that seems to be left out of the holiday goodwill. And I can understand. Everyone dreads seeing those blue lights behind their car. And this post is by no means a police pity party. Each of them signed up for this profession willingly. 

But in their profession, they don't get the glory of saving a home from burning down, they don't get the pride of performing a life-saving operation and they don't receive the honor of returning home from war a home-town hero. If you google police, it's all negative articles and images. If you talk to others, it's all angry stories of an unfair ticket or arrest.

But, as the daughter of an officer, let me shed some light on the reality of what these men and women do every day. 

They deal with the bad. And the evil. And the horrific. 100% of the time; everything they deal with is bad. Homicide, suicide, robbery, wrecks, drug deals, bombings, and on and on it goes. 
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They put their own lives in danger every single day. They get spit on (not to mention other bodily fluids slung at them) Cursed out. Physically attacked. Called the most vile of names. They work endlessly long shifts for little pay. And most times, they are alone. They don't have the reassurance of having a team right at their backs or someone to cover them. Oftentimes they are answering calls for a shooting or a robbery completely by themselves. 

And they do it to protect the protect you and me....from evil. 

Scared panda hugging police officer's leg after earthquake... And my heart just melted.
Panda Bear hugging a police officer after an earthquake. I LOVE this picture. 

And despite the absolutely horrific media coverage they have received as of late, let me tell you, that these men and women in blue are some of the truest heroes.   

So all that brings me to this. #Cookiesforcops

I remember last Thanksgiving when my dad was working, he mentioned how someone at the fire department had told him of all the people who had brought dinner and treats for the firefighters. Nothing was delivered to the police station. 

So as you're baking this year...perhaps taking cookies to your local fire department or slipping some into your mailbox for your mailman, please make an extra batch for your local police department. 
Share on instagram with the hashtag above and help spread the word. Maybe the only interaction you have ever had with an officer is being the end recipient of a ticket but this Christmas, please help me bring some good to these men and women who will leave their families to deal in a world of bad. 

Let's show the police some love this Christmas. 


We stand watch together
The thin blue line
Protecting the prey from the predators
The good from the bad
-End of Watch 



Tiffany said...

What a great idea!

P!nky said...

What a great post, lady! So poignant and so true. I hate seeing the blue lights, but I am so thankful for the police men and women that keep us safe.

This whole drama really grinds my gears, but I'm refraining from saying anything. Great idea, great, great, idea!

Unknown said...

Great Idea! <3

The Pink Growl said...

LOOOOOVE this more than words! Actually brought tears to my eyes. I know this is close to your heart, and you know it is to mine too. By the way, LOVED the pic of you and your dad from Thanksgiving. I was looking through and saw it at a friend's house and we were talking about how sweet & gorgeous you are!

Shannon said...

Well said, Ashley!

Good idea.

Pamela said...

awww I love this!! My husband is a police officer!

Katie said...

I love this and your heart for it. A lot of the cops in our town are such good people and two of the ladies I work with are married to police officers. This is such a sweet idea. It is a shame how people take a story and turn it against ALL police officers.

jessica // union shore said...

I LOVE this post!! I come from a cop-filled family and my hubby is one too, and this post really hit home for me! Yeah no one likes cops when you're getting a speeding ticket, but they are the first ones there when a school gets shot up, or when your house gets broken into or a bank gets robbed, or when some other person kills your family member.... Cops are there first... to help you! And yes, there are a bad few, but that's with everyone. There are bad doctors, teachers, religious leaders, people in general.... Just because some do bad things, not all are bad! I can't even watch the news anymore. All they do is focus on the bad (and one side) and never share anything positive! That's what the world needs to see.... the good stories... and both sides... and the FACTS!

Sorry... didn't mean to go on a rant. I could go on and on! haha Just have been holding LOTS of thoughts in! haha

I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers! xo