Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small Truths and a Little List of Loves

So you know those "get to know me " posts that we bloggers sometimes do? And then do you know those "Things I'm loving posts?" Well today is what I would call a hybrid post of those two, brought to you by my extreme indecisiveness on what I wanted to blog about today.

So a few small truths about me. And please, don't leave a girl hanging over here by herself. Leave a comment telling me one small truth about yourself!  

I have an affinity for blue tennis in I only and always buy blue tennis shoes. 

I can't jump rope or whistle. I think I have shared my jump rope struggles on the blog here before but really...any time I see someone skipping rope at the gym or walking by whistling a tune, I get a little jealous inside. Why are these things so hard to do?!  
Including the ones in which you actually only jump the rope like 5 a span of 10 minutes 

I am 98% of the time a healthy eater.I mean, I think we all know...protein and veggies = good. Carbs and sweets = bad. But I have a serious weakness for donuts...any kind, jelly-filled, donut holes, glazed, pop 'ems. I can turn down just about any kind of sweet with the exception of donuts. Naturally they are about 10 times worse for you than any other sweets out there. Does anyone else question now why I run so much?

Little List of Loves 

Sadie Robertson - My mom and sister are long time fans of Dancing with the Stars. But this year I have joined the tribe solely because I love Sadie Robertson. She is SO good and I just love her personality. I almost went as her for Halloween but it is realllly hard to find camouflage anything that fits a person under 200 pounds. Strike that....its' reallly hard to find camouflage anything in Atlanta.
Mark Ballas & Sadie Robertson ....
I mean, I know she's like 14 but I really just want to be best friends with her!

The Duggars - I'll be honest and say that at first I was annoyed by this family of over-breeders. But one Saturday I got sucked into the vortex of a TLC "19 Kids and Counting" marathon and I'm recently obsessed. I am now a Duggar-Lover. Can we just talk about how Michelle never gets angry? Or how her voice never rises one decibel above "pleasant." I mean, yes, they do have some very strange dating rules..but they are all so well-behaved and seem very happy. 

Fall - Ok I finally get it. I get why people like fall. And maybe it's because I am sporting a sick spray tan right now and I don't have my blinding white skin to jade me but, I have really enjoyed fall this year. And not anything in particular but just the feeling of it all. I like seeing the shoppers with lots of bags and cozy sweaters at the mall. I like walking out of the gym in the morning and feeling that brisk morning air. I mean I have even loved the changing trees. Who am I?! 

What's on your little list of loves? 


P!nky said...

Replace doughnuts with cupcakes and that's me!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

I loved this post (in a non stalker way!) -
I love glazed donuts only
I love Summer
I hate reality TV
Haha - same same but different x

Jamie said...

The Duggara won me over too. I don't agree with pretty much anything they believe or do but they're all so likable!

JBean said...

Ahh! My boss just told me that she can't whistle! I had no idea this was something not everyone could do! I literally whistle all day long around the kids. I wish I could teach you. It's so fun!

Katie said...

I need to know where you bought those nikes because I too have an obsession with blue sneaks. I LOVE THOSE!!

Katie said...

i LOVE sadie and love this season of dancing with the stars!

Alex said...

I can't whistle either!! It's so frustrating. I also can't roller skate. Nope, not even a little bit.