Tuesday, November 4, 2014

And then we had fun...

Although I loved going to the Bloom Workshop and getting all inspired and learning...my favorite part of Bloom Week was getting to hang with my girlfriends. Once we finished breakdown from Bloom and made the hour long drive back into the city, it was game on. 

Well as "game-on" as three exhausted girls can be...in this case it meant binging on pizza, Ben & Jerry's and zoning out to What to Expect When You're Expecting. But the next day, once we were all refreshed, we hit the road for a day of fun! 

We decided we wanted to get blow outs to which I didn't realize is a booming business in Atlanta. We called five different places, all booked all day long. I mean, do the girls here have jobs?! Who on a normal day has time to get a blowout at 1:12 in the afternoon? 

Thankfully we found someplace that could take us....in 25 minutes. We didn't mention that we were 15 minutes away. We just told them to book us and be ready for some really disgusting heads of hair to roll in. (For the record, Michaela looks like Barbie when she wakes up....I was fairly certain the blowout people were going to ask if she'd already had a blowout that morning.) I on the other hand had worked out that morning so my lucky stylist got to deal with my sweaty locks. Lucky her. 

After we looked like humans again with our Texas-Big hair, we drove into Downtown and grabbed lunch at the cutest little Italian cafe. Then we went to the Coke Museum. I had never been before so it was fun to be a tourist in my own town. We learned the history of Coke, saw the vault where the ONLY written copy of the Coke recipe exists and then tried cokes from all around the world before we went into a Sugar coma. Basically "foreign" coke is just 6 cups of sugar, water and brown food dye. Ohh boy. 
 My pretty city

Coke, coke, coke, coke!

We rushed home to get ready and then sped (sped can be read creeped at 14 miles an hour) back downtown for a Sushi Dinner and then to the FABULOUS FOX Theater to see Phantom of the Opera. It was so much fun! I have not seen a play since I saw the Nutcracker back in middle school. We felt very fancy. 

And then it all came to an end as the girls had an early flight back. I was so sad to see them go; we have the best time. Just means it's my turn to pack a suitcase of coats and visit them in Michigan!  

'Til next time.



BLovedBoston said...

Looks like you girls had a great time!! I have to say I giggled when you said "Who on a normal day has time to get a blowout at 1:12 in the afternoon?" I ask myself these type of questions EVERY day!!

P!nky said...

Looks like sooooooo much fun!!! The coke museum is a blast, but the other cokes taste like poopoo!!!

I want to go to a dry bar once.

Ashley Slater said...

It was soooooo fun! ANd yes, so time for you to come here now!

Maggie said...

So fun! I'm so jealous! If I ever come to ATL or you ever come to Charlotte, I need to see your face in real life. I love meeting blog friends :)

Pamela said...

The blow outs look good!! Well, yall always look good!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Pretty girls x

Katie said...

That looks fun. Atlanta looks nice.