Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Too Good Not To....

Some things are too good not to blog about. Taylor Swift’s new cd is one such thing. I don’t care that her target market is about 9 years younger than me. Her songs can make me all teary-eyed until the next track comes on and I  grab my hairbrush as the most suitable microphone.

I think passion is a hard-to-come-by quality these days. I happen to adore passionate people….people who are passionate about their work or a cause or passionate about love. That may be why Taylor is my favorite. She’s passionate about love and puts into words all the emotions we all feel.

And more than that....she's smart. The whole album is supposedly about one person. And have you read this? Just so cool.

So in taking my blogging duty seriously, I have done the impossible…..and that is narrow down all 16 tracks to just my top five favorites:

-All You Had To Do Was Stay
-Blank Space
-Wildest Dreams 
-How you get the girl 
-You are in Love 

Have you bought? Do you love? What’s your favorite?

Please someone fangirl out with me!



P!nky said...

Gah, I'm two albums behind in my Tswift love! Maybe someone will burn it for me ;)!

BLovedBoston said...

The girl is straight up talented no denying that!!

JBean said...

Well if you are 9 years past her target demographic that makes me about 20 years past it! Haha Don't care. I've lived her since her very first album. I sadly have not gotten my little butt to Target yet to buy this one but I plan to this weekend! I CANT WAIT!!

J and A said...

LOVE! Cannot wait to listen to this CD on repeat over and over!!

Elise said...

Ah! I am so mad I haven't been able to buy the album yet! I plan on picking it up ASAP!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

You already know my thoughts. Obsessed!

Alex said...

Out of the Woods is my fave, and it's been stuck in my head for dayssssss! Who do you think the album is about? I didn't hear that about it all being about one interesting!!

Maggie said...

oh girl. you know target was my first stop on monday :) i LOVE "Stay" but really, almost all of them.

Fit With Flash said...

Shake It Off has been my ringtone ever since it came out. #danceparty #dontexpectmetoanswerthephone