Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday's Letters.....The one with the doors, the gym person and treat yo self

This cracks me up 

Dear Office Doors....The new rule is that you have to stay locked all the time now. I have now been locked out of the office 14 times in the span of three days. I even got one of those super cool fob clips that hang on to your sweater....only I keep forgetting to clip it on. Dear blonde....This is the last weekend we party together. After lusting after every girl with dark brown hair lately, I want mine back. Subconsciously I believe this is another step in my acceptance of fall. Go me. Dear Atlanta....I think you think you're Michigan. It is going to be in the 40s this weekend, and I just think someone must have forgotten to tell you that that is winter weather, not fall. Dear Person at the Gym....You came up to me last Saturday and said "It's so weird to see you here on a weekend!" and all I could think was "I've never seen you here. Who are you?" Some people are weird....and also a little creepy. Dear Lola the Car...It's time I learned you. Like read the manual learn you. I had to do an emergency pull over after the gym yesterday morning because my windshield fogged up and I couldn't figure out how to defrost you to see. Sweaty bodies and air conditioning can be a lethal combo in the windshield world. 

Dear Friends....Happy Friday!
What are your plans?!


Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater


BLovedBoston said...

I can't wait to see how your hair turns out and that person at the gym - that is crazy creepy...maybe they thought you were someone else lol! Hope you have a great weekend doll! xo

Jamie said...

Ew. You have a gym stalker!

Brittany said...

ha that cracks me up that you had to pull over to figure out how to defrost your windows :)