Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one with the candy bowl, the fake promotion and the pumpkin instructions

Dear Halloween....You are today. Time to bust out my best bra and panties. Juuuust kidding. Of course I'm wearing wings with that ensemble. Dear the Candy Bowl at Work...You and I both know we've been seeing far too much of each other lately for that last letter to be true. Dear LinkedIn...I don't know how to work you. I was just trying to change my company and accidentally gave myself a new job. So thanks...thanks man that I sit next to every day for congratulating me on my new position at my new company. I'll see ya Monday. Dear Pure Barre....The only downside to wearing socks for class is that sometimes I forget to bring "after class shoes." Long live the workout pants and heels look....brings the boys to the yard. Only not really. Dear Pumpkin...I had big plans to carve you however, I'm fairly certain the instructions for carving a pumpkin begin with "a man."

Happy Halloween Ya'll....Party On.

XO, Ashley


P!nky said...

You go, you VS model youuuuuuu!!!!

TOO much candy is EVERYWHERE!

Sara Louise said...

The LinkedIn mistake... oh that sux! Try to shake it off for the weekend and enjoy yourself and get out there and strut your stuff in that bra & panties and wings! :P xo

BLovedBoston said...

Girl you crack me up!! I love that little tidbit about linkedin - so funny!

jessica // union shore said...

we didn't carve pumpkins the year! :( and i've ate way too much candy! so glad to give it all away tonight!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Your letters crack me up every week friend - too funny! x