Monday, September 15, 2014

What Love Is

The start of this blog is somewhat of a tragic story. I wish I could say that it was because I had amazing outfits I just had to share. Or that the Joe March in me just couldn't be contained and I had to write. But the truth is, is that this blog was an outlet. It still is. 
My addictions come together

But back when it started, the author was just a shell of a person. The start of this blog coincided with the end of a long relationship and God help you if you weed back through the beginning'll need a Prozac, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate to make it through. 

It was a couple years before this blog was ever found by anyone else in the blogosphere and once it was, I went and deleted some of the more depressing posts. Only I wish I hadn't. Sure they are tragic. Some are downright desperate. And the fact that I could have been the model child of what NOT to do in a relationship, is a gross understatement. But it's where I was in life. 

I found one of those deleted posts the other day. It was a post about what love was to me. And to re-read it was as if I was reading another author's work and not my own. It's amazing to see how those moments of tragedy....those things you are certain you will never recover from, somehow and unknowingly, usher you into a new beautiful phase of life that you could have never imaged.  

What Love Is....
-Sometimes fuzzy with a brown tail
-Girlfriends who create silly playlists for you
-A friend who drives 45 minutes just to have overpriced coffee with you in the middle of the Kroger flower section 
-Sitting on the bathroom counter talking about our days
-Girlfriends that will run horrible distances with you and encourage you every step of the way
-Sunday night movies 
-Forehead kisses 
-Anyone that sits in the horrible Atlanta traffic to come see you...seriously, there is no greater love. 

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What is love to you?



Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

Ohhhh I can SO relate to this girl.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh girl, we all go through this - and we look back after a few years and we can only chuckle at how silly and stupid we were and reflect on how much we have learnt and changed... A blog is the best way to capture those feelings and memories to look back on x

P!nky said...

What a wonderful post. My blog was started as the end of relationship was on the horizon and I thought of getting rid of the posts, because they were soooooo tragic and ridiculous, but I've kept them. Because like you said, that is where I was at the time. And it such a different voice than now.

Love is such an amazing thing. You've described it so well.

Shannon said...

I adore how you are going back and reading your early stuff. I'm sure if I did, I'd find that I was a lot more about Shannon than I am today.

Love for me is loving someone (or someones)more than myself. I'd do anything for my two kids. Anything.

J and A said...

Such a great post friend. It's so crazy to look back and see the changes. Hugs!