Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yes, yes, this is the right blog. 
And yes, we are talking about fall today.
This is what we call....acceptance people.  

Truth be told...I don't entirely hate fall. I mean the temperatures outside are perfect for running, your summer tan is still lingering on and your cute clothes can actually be seen before you have to pile on the heavy coats. 

(and before all  you northerners mock me....let me remind you of Winter-Mageddon). 

So, as I mourn the shifting of my summer tanks to the back of the closet, I'm focusing on the fall trends I'm super excited to bust out. 

Winter White
They say that leather makes a girl feel like a rebel but if you could see the look my grandma gives someone that wears white after Labor Day, you would know that winter white makes you WAY more a rebel. Loving everything about this outfit. So chic. 

Crop Tops
I loved this trend for summer and I'm loving how they can transition into the fall. Plus...can you say motivation to keep those abs toned all winter long?! 

I am a pronounced baseball hat fan. But I think I'll have to trade them out for some knitted beanies this fall. So cozy. 

Fall Plaid and Structured Jackets
I don't know if I can pull this one off....I do better when I channel a more boho vibe....but I love this look.
love the combo: tan jacket, blue green plaid, distressed jeans, and lots of pearl beads, and heels, can't wait for casual Fridays :)

What fashions have you all jazzed for fall? 



Jess said...

See, I'm much more of the plaid and structured jacket than the winter white / crop tops.

I'm loving that you are getting ready for fall. :) Although y'all probably have at least a month still of your hot weather. Meanwhile here, we're wearing hoodies at night (so you know I'm loving that!)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I love hearing someone else who feels the same way as I do about fall. I'll never understand why people get so giddy about fall, to me fall means winter is coming.. yipes!

Loving the winter white, I love that people rock white year round. I also love to move to bold colors in the colder months so that my wardrobe isn't all neutrals/drab colors. It's depressing enough outside, add some color to your life :-D

P!nky said...

Sigh, I'm so glad someone else gets it!!!!!!!

I'll be all on the fall bandwagon, next Tuesday, when fall actually starts!

Ashley said...

I NEED that last outfit!!! Oh my. I agree with everything, except crop tops ;) this body was not built for them! Haha

Shannon said...

Oversized sweaters with leggings, please!

And that comes with an oversized mug of cider with some spiced rum. Yes.

Unknown said...


Whitney said...

The blonde sporting the beanie used to be my hair stylist! She is wonderful!! She recently moved to Nashville though :(

Kayla said...

So, I saw the last photo you posted a few days ago on pinterest and totally went to my closet to see what pieces I had and which ones I needed to get!