Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loves and Loathes


I will refrain from starting this section off with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" because I mean.....just duh. 

Savannah....Talk about a surreal moment. When your college roommate has a baby. Whoa! But what a great day we had. Can't wait to watch this little muffin grow up. 

Old Posts...I was sifting back through some of my old, never-published posts the other day and, man, was I a thinker back then! Now that I'm fairly certain this blog is down to 7 readers....maybe....hello?...anyone there?.....I plan on posting some of these oldies but goodies. I thought about posting one today but decided on this shallow post instead.

Buzzfeed Quizzes....I literally can't get enough. Which Kardashian are you (Kourtney..."emotionless at times yet least to yourself."), How much does running rule your life? ("Wow. You have a problem. Running completely controls your life." Haha). Who was your boyfriend in a past life? Why James Dean of course.  

Spontaneous Dinner Dates.....I'm typically home like two or three nights a week but, nothing makes me happier than spontaneous dinner plans. 
My dinner 💗

Giuliana Rancic's Hair...I mean, I hate to be catty but, does she own a mirror? It just goes to show that just when you think things can't get any worse than the bob.....a blonde bob shows up.  

Cooking....Seriously, why is this so hard? I mean every week (can be read, twice a month) I try a new recipe, following it to the tee....using every pot, pan and measuring tool I own and it always turn out....slightly better than a lean cuisine but far worse than say a bologna sandwich. I've committed myself to a life of plain grilled chicken and chocolate milk. 
Chicken S’mack Salad |

On a side note....I feel like you all should be proud of  me that "fall" is not in the "loathe" bucket. I've actually been having some happy thoughts towards fall this week. Miracles do happen. 

What's on your loves and loathes list this week? 


Jess said...

So I promise - I am still reading. I just don't always have the time to comment or anything productive to say. :)

So ... I totally love TSwift's new song. and as much as I love G, I can't stand her hair either! The blonde with the bad roots? She is just not a blonde kinda girl. and I am super proud that fall is not on your loathe list. summer is on my loathe list right now because I just cannot deal with this heat. I guess y'all are used to it in the south, but I'm not!

Carly said...

I'm still reading too - I'm just a really bad (and lazy) commenter.

Anyway, I hear ya on G's hair - I hate it. The bob is just not a good look on her (makes her slender frame look worse) and the blonde is just not good at all. A shoulder length light brunette colour is what she needs. I should totally be her new hair stylist ;)

P!nky said...

I'm here lady!!!!

I love that T swift song and totally loathe G's hair, just so not cute.

We are growing up, not loathing fall, look at us! xoxo

BLovedBoston said...

Your GR comment about her hair made me laugh - yes the bob was bad and the blonde hair is so much worse!! I love that James Dean was your boyfriend...I mean they just don't make them like that anymore!!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Yay for being one of your 7 blog readers. Nay for that nasty blonde bob. Yay for that delicious sushi plate. Nay for having to cook yourself. x

Courtney B said...

Serrrrrrriously! My blogging is pretty lame now that I only talk about Mia. I mean, it's great for me and my documenting... but lame for my readers! Ha! I need to get back into writing and being creative!

Shannon said...

Totally obsessed with buzzfeed quizzes. I don't know why, but they are so addicting.

Yes, I do need to know which flavor cough syrup my grandkids will prefer!!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm probably done to like 7 followers too, because I haven't really blogged that much in months and months.