Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Letters....Soul Mates, Weddings and Random Stranger People


Dear Coworker that sits right next to me….MUST you bring in Chick-fil-A to work every Friday morning? For a Southern girl who is trying to eat healthy, this is equivalent to dropping a shopaholic in the middle of Nordstrom #byediet Dear Girls….Fall is hard and I get that. I came to work in a sleeveless vest today. I walked in behind someone in boots, a scarf and a sweater. I’m not going to say someone was a little overzealous, I’m just going to say it’s going to be 78 at noon. Dear random stranger girl in the Walmart parking lot….I think you might be my soul mate. I know this because as we were passing I heard you tell your girlfriend “It’s still like summer out. Isn’t that awesome?!”  Dear Home….I haven’t seen you one night this week (the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor can attest) , and while this is how I prefer my schedule, homegirl needs some sleep. #cantstopwontstop Dear the term “Bye Felicia”….I confess I just learned what you mean (Urban Dictionary is everything) and now I’m obsessed with saying this, even where it probably doesn’t make the most sense.  

Dear Tomorrowworld….You are no longer tomorrow but today. I will need massive amounts of cake and wine this weekend to cope with my sadness for not being part of you this year. Dear Tomorrowworld Again….ok ok….I’m actually not THAT sad I’m missing you this year because instead of rocking out to some Avicci, I will be celebrating my little neighbor, Chelsea-muffin’s wedding tomorrow. And I cannot wait to see her finally get to marry Austin! Bloggy love forever.

Happy Friday Babes

Friday’s Letters originated by Ashley Slater 


P!nky said...

hAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPY wedding day to your friend!!!

I have guy that eats mcdonalds UUUURDAY for lunch and bfast. I don't like mckydees, but the fries always smell so good. UGh!

Happy friday!

Jamie said...

Bye Felicia!

Shannon said...

next up - searching "bye felicia".....