Monday, August 18, 2014

Un-Censored and Un-Organized

I was reading back through some old posts this weekend and, I have to say, I like that girl from circa 2012. She was rather uncensored. She let the words just flow from her pen keyboard whenever they came which was usually around midnight (unfortunately still is - why can't creativity hit at say like 7pm?)...And she put far less thought into what people would think about her posts. 

circa 2012.....and I still suck at cooking 

So in a throwback post to my two-years-younger-self and on a day that is not technically "throwback Thursday" (gah, I am such a rule-breaker), I present you a cluster of unorganized ramble....

I actually have "learn snapchat" on my to-do list. I have no clue how to use big fancy fonts or make a snap longer than 10 seconds. I feel this is a skill I need. I don't know if this makes me insanely cool and hip or an old lady hanging on to a teen app. (Too bad if it's the latter....I adore snapchat) 

The basic snapchat....and my man business attire. I'm seriously going to need our dress code to embrace something called the open-toe-shoe. 

Demi Lovato's new cd is ooonn POINT. 

(I probably should have spread this out from the snapchat thought to minimize my inner tween persona but as I said....unorganized we are today.) 

Look what my best friend did. And still manages to look like a supermodel in the hospital! These things amaze me. Cannot wait to meet this little girl in a couple weeks!

I am a terrible liar. I have the "I am guilty" look on my face before I even engage in any shifty activity. This is the cross us rule-followers have to bear. 

But I traveled last week with my boss who flies so much I think he's going to change his last name to Delta. When we were waiting in the Atlanta airport, he decided to take us into the Sky Lounge - where I'm about a mere 95 Billion sky miles short of gaining access to. He told me to just walk through and keep going - "sneak in." Cue inner panic! But I rocked that sneak-in like I was walking into the Target. Owned that bia.  
As we entered the Sky Lounge in La Guardia, we realized there was no sneaking past this desk that was manned by a middle-aged lady with thick smears of blue eye shadow and hair that rivaled Dolly Parton's. We went to the desk together where my boss asked if I could get in. And she responded that he had Executive status and had two free guest passes. So, basically, I didn't need to sneak in to Atlanta but, let's be was way more fun. Life skills were gained that day. 

I used to wear fake lashes to work. Like every day. When I worked on Hilton Head, in an office of 5 where I was the youngest by about 20 years. I now don't even glue those suckers on for any event short of New Year's. I wondered the other day if this is the definition of "getting old." 

The End. 



BLovedBoston said...

Your friend looks amazing after just giving birth - so crazy!! i have the same guilty face...what's wrong with us - but on the bright side we must be angels right?!

Shannon said...

I tried to wear fake eyelashes once. I looked like the epitome of a "walk of shame" frequenter. I clearly need to learn how to do that more than you need to learn snap chat.