Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Letters...The romper, the passport and ice buckets

So obviously, this has to be addressed....

Dear Taylor Swift....Your new song is my new jam. 

Dear Little Romper...We had big plans to go out last night. And then we didn't. Sorry for the fake out. Maybe soon we'll actually make it past the front door! Dear Ashley....It is officially time to passport it up...and buy a MUCH bigger suitcase. #bigplansahead Dear Nikki Minaj....Here I thought you were turning normal with your new look and then you bust out with Anaconda. I'm going to need you to step away from Miley Cyrus. Dear Gone Girl....I am reading you and let's just say you are a HUGE departure from my usual romantic-not-scary-in-the-least-read. I think this qualifies me as a real edgy girl now - just call me Ange-ley #wheresmybradpitt?

Dear Emily Blunt....You had the best Ice Bucket Challenge of ALL Time

Dear Week...You've been a weird one, definitely one for "the books." Dear "the books," you actually don't exist. I don't even know what you are. 

.....and, Happy Friday


Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater 


Jenn said...

We are on the same page today with T Swift! :) Love the new song--I feel like it's stuck in my head about 50% of the day or more :)
You're totally edgy now by reading Gone Girl. Totally!! lol
Have a great weekend girl!

Jess said...

ooh, do tell about these big plans! Do they involve a trip to PA? :)

I really liked Gone Girl, even though it did creep me out.

and totally not a fan of Anaconda. She totally ripped off Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Carly said...

I JUST started reading Gone Girl too. Wanted to get it read before the movie comes out. Loving it so far, and like you, it's different from my usual romance type stuff.

The Pink Growl said...

I'm with you on the new TSwift. I usually have a love/hate with her, but I LOOOOVE this one. It's funny and cute! Gone Girl was one of my most fav books from 2012, I LOVED IT! I love me a good plot twist. Happy weekend my beautiful love!

Maggie said...

Love the T. Swift song! It's so not her, but I can't stop listening to it.

Gone Girl...not for me. However, you are totally edgy, and maybe you'll find your brad pitt when you go out with your romper :)

And John Krasinski blesses my soul. that was awesome.

happy Friday!

BLovedBoston said...

Oh my gosh you're going somewhere fab since you need a passport!! I love the ice bucket challenge with John K and Emily Blunt - they are so freaking cute!! Hope you have a great weekend!

Pamela said...

Loooooving her new song!! SO MUCH! I actually just got finished listening to it, ha! That ice bucket challenge, hahah!

Shannon said...

I'm not a huge Swift fan (even if some think I named my daughter after her), but I'm loving her new song and video.

Also, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt foreva.