Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one with the pat down, the flight home and my top model walk

Adriana Bėkštaitė | via Facebook
Dear this make me laugh every single time. Dear Lotions and Hair Products...After testing "positive" for explosives on my hands at airport security and then being taken to a back room where I was locked in and patted down by possibly the world's largest woman, it's safe to say that I will be reviewing your ingredients in depth this weekend. Dear Readers....I'm kinda published
Azniv | via Tumblr

Dear New York...You are so sneaky you. For a moment I could totally see myself living in you. You are SO fun. But then I had a vision of me walking in the freezing snow for months on end and then the dream died. Dear man that played Bejeweled Blitz the entire 2 hour flight home from New York last night...I would like to point out that there is actually a silent button on those iPads as well as a screen brightness dimmer. Go technology! Dear Ashley...We've fallen off the wagon in terms of diet. Time to mount the clean eating horse again. Remember there are important Labor Day in two weeks :) Dear Andre Leon Talley....You were on my flight last night and I so wish I would have stopped and said hi. Instead I just started at you past the point of creepy and strutted down the aisle with my best Top Model walk. 

Happy Friday Muffinheads 


Jess said...

um LOL to the explosives on your hands. I'm sure ingredients in lotion are very similar to explosives ... they're all petrochemical based. Hope your pat down wasn't too invasive, lol. and congratulations on being published! i'm so proud of you best friend! Love you!

BLovedBoston said...

I would have paid to see you walk past Andre with your best Top Model Walk!!! Congrats on getting published girl - you are amazing!! Happy Friday doll!

elle rae-marie said...

haha. love all of this! especially the stuff about NYC. I will be heading there in 2 weeks - hopefully. And if they find traces of explosives on my hands - i am calling you! :)

P!nky said...

GAH! Testing positive...that's my biggest fear!!!! EEEEK!

You shake your money maker on the catwalk girl!!! Congrats on being published, wooP!

sburton1130 said...

That article was so great! Such important things to remember. Congrats on being published!

Alex said...

Andre was on your flight?! That is major.

Shannon said...

AAAAH Andre is amazing. One of my hubby's favorite ANTM judges. And HELLO cycle 2.1 is tonight and there is a girl from Buffalo on it. I"m going to pretend I know her...or am her. Unless she's a slut.