Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Letters...The one with the baby, the song and New York

Dear Tara....Hard to believe that just a few years ago, we were running the campus of USC together at all hours. And today you become a mom. CANNOT wait to meet Savannah. 

Dear Property Management....I judged you too quickly. Apparently the "tarp" to protect the smokers from the rain was really just the start of whole curtain room to trap the smokers in their with their gross smoke It's like the Delta Smoker's Lounge....only without like the complimentary nuts. 

Dear Rather Be.....You have been my favorite song for about two months. For some reason I feel a little upset that you've gone so mainstream. You're like the next "All Of Me." I preferred it when no one knew about you. To make up for it, I've selected some new completely So-Top-40 songs as my favorites: namely Girls Chase Boys #obsessed

Dear New Yawk....I will be seeing you next week. And by seeing you I mean glancing - late afternoon flight and red-eye out the next night. To make up for this I totally sprung for the hotel view of the Status of Liberty. I have to get some sight-seeing in somehow. Sshhh....don't tell corporate! 

Happy Friday Chicks!


Elise said...

I LOVE Ingrid Michaelson and that whole album. And Girls Chase Boys is amazing.

P!nky said...

I will be listening to that song ASAP!

Jamie said...

Wow, that Statue picture is awesome!

Shannon said...

Yay for smoked in inclosures.

I can't imagine how bad people smell after smoking in those airport lounges.