Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Confess.....Macaroon-Shaming, Pickles and Meltdowns

I Confess...I love sparklers. If I could have a themed party, it would be sparklers. Wedding? Sparklers. There is really nothing prettier in this life.

4th of July

7 Summer Preserve Recipes Easy Enough for Beginners
I Confess...I legitimately counted pickles as my veggie for dinner the other night. I mean, they're green and they come from cucumbers. Am I wrong here?

I Confess....I might need a vacation. I started crying at work the other day because my forecast came in lower than anticipated. #thingsyoushouldnothavemeltdownsover

I Confess....I STILL think Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey belong together BUT I've been so happy to see her all over the media again because of her wedding (to Eric Johnson...vom). It's like the good ole days! I think she is undeniably one of the world's most gorgeous women. 

I Confess...I was a sleep monster this weekend. On average, I would have gotten 20 hours of sleep, I slept 38 hours! Unreal! I want more! 

I Confess....I don't believe any of you girls when you post big piles of macaroons or cups of coffee with globs of whipped cream. There is no way you eat like that and look the way you do. Or maybe God just loves your metabolism more. 

I Confess....It's my mom's birthday tomorrow! Don't know what I'd do without this woman. So happy she was born and SO ready to celebrate with her in a couple weeks! 

What do yo confess?! 


Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh girl, we could be twins - I love my sleep, wish I could eat macaroons all day and be skinny, i need a holiday and I bought sparklersTODAY (for no special reason!!)!!

Jamie said...

Pickles are my absolute fave. Happy Tuesday!

BLovedBoston said...

I'm with you on thinking that Jessica and Nick still belong together - I also still watch newlyweds on DVD lol! I plan on inhaling macaroons in Paris next week and I promise I'll come back 5 lbs heavier!! happy early birthday to your beautiful mama!!

Shannon said...

Pickles totally count.

And I ate so many wheat thins last night that they may change the name to wheat fats because of me.

Unknown said...

I love sparkles too! They're too much fun :)
And macaroons are delicious :D


Ericka said...

I agree, I still picture Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey together...and she is totally gorgeous!!

Alex said...

You must check out the Instagram account called "you did not eat that". It features skinny women supposedly eating really delicious, bad for you things. I get a kick out of it!!

Katie said...

So that "Rather Be" song from your other post? Now obsessed! Thanks for linking it!

I've never had a macaroon. I'm not sure I'm a real blogger. Hope you get a vacation soon, girl!

Faith said...

Haha, I still believe they belong together too!

And pickles are totally a vegetable. I'm probably saying that because I just ate one, yum!