Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy to Announce......

The blog world is a fabulous place. It's a unique place, really unlike any other. And through it, I have met some of my very best friends, including my two Michigan Muffins, Ashley and Michaela

I started following these two probably about three years ago and over the course of time we grew into real-life friends. I even vacationed with them in Michigan last year. 

So I am over-the-moon excited  that they are bringing their quickly-growing Bloom workshop to Atlanta this fall for its third installment and first out-of-town location! 

I have to tell you that after spending time with these girls, I left Michigan thinking I wish I had skills! Like give me an excel sheet and I'm your girl. Run 5 miles, no problem. 

But after watching them pull together the most amazing styled shoot over the course of a day and a half, I realized I must have been out running when God handed out the crafty genes! 

Ashley can personally attest to this after weeding through the thousands of photos I took as a third shooter at a wedding that weekend... (Sorry about that again Ash!) 

So I am personally excited to attend to learn how to hone in on some skills  and make my blog space better. Maybe I won't have to be so reliant on stock photos to make my blog pretty! I mean, I literally googled "pictures of Reeses Pieces" the other day for 10 minutes. Wouldn't it have been MUCH easier to grab a bag, spill them out and snap my own photo? I think yes. 

And make my home space better too. Michaela has incredible vision when it comes to taking something ordinary and making it this amazing talking piece in a room. And anyone who has visited my mostly-neutrals home can attest to the fact that it could use a good talking piece.  

I hope you'll come meet these two incredible ladies (and hang out with me too!) in October. 

For details or to register, visit the Bloom Workshop Website. 
October 23rd
Vinewood Plantation 


This is not a sponsored post....I just really love these girls and am super pumped about Bloom!


Erica Ashley said...

Yayyy! They have hosted the first and second installment in my hometown! Unfortunately I can't afford to attend right now but I have heard such great things! Lol I wish I could learn how to take photos too, I am googler as well!

BLovedBoston said...

They pretty much have my dream jobs!!!

Michaela said...

So excited to see you again soon, friend!!! :)

sburton1130 said...

I just saw Michaela's post and freaked out! Yay Georgia! Trying so hard to clear my calendar right now.

Erin LFF said...

SO fun! Their workshop looks amazing and I only wish I was able to attend! You three ladies are all beautiful and fabulous! :)