Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hallelujahs and mustaches

And on Day 10, God made internet! 
Just kidding. But seriously, I just got internet after 10 days. I contemplated staying home from work to play on the internet. 

Little squirrel
Can I get a Hallelujah?! This was basically my reaction this morning when I finally saw those magic words...."internet connected"

I have SO much to catch you up on so, don't be surprised if you see a "what I did on July 4th" post around Labor Day. But I thought today I'd share something a little more timely...and that would be what I did this weekend. 

I went to a neon birthday party for my friend Kelly. There is really no better party theme than neon - I LOVE neon clothes

Brooke, Chels, Kristin, Me and Kel

With our friend Robbie 

So many girls...so much neon...so little time
also, blonde girl I don't know next to me is totally crowding in on my gun's out vibe 

The only thing that makes a neon party better....is the addition of neon mustaches 

Short post for today...I have about a million things I need to google!!


BLovedBoston said...

What a fun theme for a party!! I giggled when you said the blondie comment - I didn't even notice you were trying to show your guns off - hers were just that big lol!

P!nky said...

That's an incredible party idea! I love it!!!!

Shannon said...

um - yeah - i have never heard of a neon theme party before. i think that is what is missing in my life.

oh, and your wardrobe.