Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday's Letters....Too-Faced, Girls Chase Boys and the Runsie

The Runsie
Dear Lululemon's Running Onesie...Also known as the "Runsie"....Just, no.

Dear Oglethorpe University Kids....I get you're all artsy and emo and whatever but listen up kids....when someone is running on the sidewalk like towards's etiquette to move over so said person does not have to go into the street. Next time I'm taking your head-to-toe-Hot-Topic-clad-selves with me. Dear Too-Faced Better than False Lashes Mascara.....While you do live up to your name of giving amazing lashes, I cannot get you off. You have been on my lashes for 3 days now! 

Dear Ingrid Michaelson....I am literally obsessed (this week) with this song. #thingsonmyipod #thingsyouneedonyours 

Dear did not start out as carefree as I had hoped what with being rear-ended at 5:30 am. The problem with going to the gym so early is that the fitness people tend to collide (in this case literally) with the leftover drunk people. However....Dear Friday-off-from-work-again....I get to see Kristin and Kat and Justin Timberlake today so hopefully the worst part of you is over. Let's hope this concert is less soggy than the last!

Happy Friday Loves!


sburton1130 said...

Have fun at the concert! PS now I'm obsessed with that song. So good.

Ashley said...

The runsie is a huge no-no. Why, just why, lulu?

So pretty in your Hunters! Have a great weekend!

Ericka said...

Have fun at the Justin Timberlake concert--can't wait to hear all about it!! I'm super jealous :)

Katie said...

The Runsie is hysterical.
How are you just now becoming obsessed with Girls Chase Boys!? that song is amazing.

song recs for you that are cheesy delicious goodness

Who's Gonna Save Us - Gavin DeGraw

Better Than Words - One Direction

Diana - One Direction

Feeling It - Scotty McCreery

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce

Show You Off - Dan + Shay

and finally, The Girl by City and Colour but the acoustic version! It is STUNNING.

Brittany said...

You saw JT?!?!?!?!?! I am so jealous. I need more of him in my life ♥

I cannot stand when there are multiple people walking together on the sidewalk and they don't make room when they see you coming. Why should I need to go into the grass/ditch/street just so you don't have to leave your friends side and go behind them for 3 seconds. So annoying.

Alex said...

NOOOO TO THE RUNSIE!!!!!!! And I'm sure it costs a fortune.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh no friend, I'm so sorry about your car accident rear-end!!! Glad all is ok though...
And a big N-O to the runsie!