Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's Letters...the one with the murderous thoughts, Reeses Pieces and Ed

Dear AT&T....I am literally having murderous thoughts about you at this point. 7 Days, a total of 12+ hours with your techs and still no internet. Like seriously dude....I am one day away from having an affair with Comcast. 
Wifi <33

Dear Woman in the Nordstrom Shoe  Department who declared that "Summer's Over" when your daughter brought over espadrilles for you to see...Really? Summer's over? Where do you live - Alaska? I'm going to need you and the rest of these fall-hungry people to simmer down and enjoy the rest of our short-lived summer season. 
tumblr_lq3bfhkWeX1qd4q01o1_500.jpg (500×345)

Dear New Coworker who I saw getting Reeses Pieces out of the vending machine in the break room....I didn't want to burst your candy-bubble but that vending machine has not been refilled since I've worked here - nearly four years. I'm fairly certain those Reeses Pieces date back to circa E.T.

Dear Ed, My Old Man Friend at the Gym....You told me three weeks ago that you were going sky-diving and joked that if I didn't see you again I would know how it turned out. Only problem is....I haven't seen you since! I'm hoping to see you shuffle in with your finger-painted shirt made by your grandkids any day now. 
Happy Kissing Day 2014
this is what came up when i searched for "finger-painting" #adore 

Dear Heidi Powell and Kelly Ripa....I had someone ask me the other day what my dream job was....and they are your jobs. Health Coach or Talk Show Host. I'd take either in a heartbeat! 
I am OBSESSED with Heidi Powell

Dear Weekend....I am so ready for you. I plan on basking in the sun and not much else us. So with that being said.....
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Dear Sun....Please show yourself. 

Dear Readers....What's good in your world?!?! 



P!nky said...

Ugh, summer is sooooooooooooooooooooo not over!!!

Erin LFF said...

Dear Ashley! We have the same vending machine issues at work- lol! and I hope you see Ed soon! And can I please come bask in the sun with you this weekend?! I need more downtime!

BLovedBoston said...

Summer is not over - especially not in the South!! I can totally see you being a tv host - and I'd love to be your co-host! Have a wonderful weekend doll!

Aspen Kelty Marie said...

Haha I dont know where you live but summer doesn't end until late September here! It's 100+ degrees still!

Makeover With Aspen

Tiffany said...

Well heck, now I'm worried about Ed! You have to keep me posted!

Sabrina Says Blog said...

You're so funny ash! You would be a killer health coach/ tv host. You should be both. Seriously you've got it all! Have a beautiful weekend my love! Talk soon, like now… I'm gonna text you. xoxo

Shannon said...

At my old job, my co-workers and I would often have fun bets or wagers and the winner always got to pick something out of the vending machine for the loser to eat. It was all fun and games until you had to eat a sticky bun from 1993.