Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The real question.....

I will openly admit that the term "growing old gracefully" is one that does not settle peacefully in my mind....something about that "growing old" part. 

Naturally this means I am a sucker for any product that claims to lift, tone, brighten, enhance, shimmer....I immediately need you in my daily repertoire. Sephora loves me. 

But what about products that freeze....?

I've never been one to linger on the Botox page of a magazine or be intrigued by it. However, a few weeks back at the pool, I was talking with some friends just a couple years older than me who had fallen claim to the Botox frenzy, showing me all the places they'd had injected and saying things such as "oh girl, it's all about prevention."

Prevention?! I had never paired Botox with prevention. I mean, I've got prevention covered with my Vitamin C night gel and my Daily-Shimmer-Anti-Aging-Moisturizer and my bi-weekly Black Mask. Or do I? I had always thought of Botox as more of a "repair" method than prevention. But there me and my forehead "concentration lines" sat at the pool...suddenly feelings years behind to the game of wrinkle concentration line prevention.  

And though I'm still on the fence (and by on the fence, I clearly mean the side of the fence that is staring in half wonder/half fright at the Botox people on the other side of the fence)
LUSH // indigo.

Not to mention, I have a pain tolerance of about 2 (who wants to have my babies for me?!) 

It made me wonder, little blog world....What are your thoughts on Botox? 

Would you do it? 

Do you see it as preventative? 

Do you hit up every free Botox party you get invited too or lump  Botox in with something only Real Housewives do? 


so the real question is.....to bo, or not to bo? 

I want to know!



Jess said...

Personally, I would never use Botox! I just take care of my skin and moisturize and use SPF and hopefully I'll age gracefully. I'm be too afraid to use Botox. A) I hate needles and B) they haven't done enough long-term studies to prove that it doesn't cause any long-term damage further down the road.

Jamie said...

I started at 24 or 25.... It's all about prevention!

BLovedBoston said...

Don't think I'd do it right now even for "prevention" but I'm totally on board in my 40s perhaps even late 30's!! But hopefully at that time it's cream version that we can just lather on at night!!

J-Berg said...

I started doing it at 26. Best decision ever for my concentration lines on my super giant forehead.

Is it for everyone? No.
Does it work for me? Yes.

Oh and I have a pain tolerance of about 2 as well. It's not bad at all.

The Pink Growl said...

I want to!!!

Shannon said...

A big "NOPE" to me. Maybe some people need it more than others, but I've never been a fan of how botox looks long term. And I have wrinkles and a pooch from an emergency c section and my boobs used to be up here and now they are down there, but that's me aging.

I've accepted it. My hubby has too. And even though he's two years younger than me, he's got some salt and pepper happening in his hair from aging...and it has never looked sexier.

Whitney said...

yes yes yes yes!!! I'm all for it, i have my first appointment scheduled for my 27th birthday (i'm in denial that i'm going to officially be in my late 20s). Tons of my friends started at 25 for prevention, and i buy in to it for sure. Anything that makes you feel better and more confident, go with it. That's my philosphy at least :)

Ashlyn said...

Oh wow. I am entering my "late 20s" soon and had NO idea it was so normal for someone my age to get Botox. Sephora loves me too and I am a total paranoid freak about my skin...but I'm with you. I always thought of Botox as corrective. Have we been wrong all along? I am just afraid to start in my 20s. I mean that's a long life time of injections.

This has been the most thought provoking blog post I've read all week (which probably doesn't say many good things about me)