Monday, June 9, 2014


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I am so behind on my annual ode to summer post. You know, the one where I gush about how much I love summer and how it’s the best season and then you all comment that yeah, it’s nice but you really adore fall and it’s only like 87 days til football season and you just can’t wait.

Yeah, that post…..well, here it is. So, let’s just put away our PSL’s and cozy sweaters and football countdown desk calendars, and enjoy the sweltering perfection that is summer, shall we? And , more specifically, the essentials I feel you need to make it a great one….

A Trip – I was advantageous this year and did all my vacationing across two weekends in the coldest months of the year. If you didn't know…Vegas at night in April…is freaking cold…and you will look like a goober in your cocktail dress and goose bump sleeves. Regardless, even though I don’t have any tropical locales on my calendar (yet….there’s always hope), I’m a big fan of the Staycation. There’s always those “tourist attractions” in your town that you've never been too somehow because they’re just so….touristy. I plan to staycation my way through Atlanta this summer. You hear that World of Coke? I’m coming for you and all your 87 different carbonated flavors. 

A Book – Yes, a book. Yes, you are at the right blog. I mean, when you spend hours at the pool, you can whip through some tabbies pretty quick. A book has lasting power. I definitely recommend The Fault In Our Stars…Amazing! And I just started Emily Giffin’s The One and Only but, I’m going to go ahead and recommend since there isn’t a book of hers I don’t adore. Sorry book club, none of your books made the cut….partially/mostly because I only made it to about page 23…..on average.

A lip gloss – I think I’ve fan-girl’d on here before about my love of Buxom lip glosses. However, I’ve recently been obsessed with Baby Lips chapstick (well, me and every other 16 year old girl this side of the Mississippi). But seriously, these give off such amazing color and for a far  more affordable price than you Sephora glosses. Your purse needs some of this stuff. You won’t be sorry.
Kissy kissy

A fun do – I’m all about braids lately. It is the only time I wish my hair were frizzier. I love the look of a big fluffy boho braid. My hair looks great in a braid if I infuse it with hidden bobby pins and don’t move my head at all.
Boho Braids | Oh Mai Darling 

White pants….There’s just a little tiny window where white pants can be worn (well, if you’re from the South…..if you’re from anywhere else in the country, you are probably oblivious to the fact that white bottoms should not be worn prior to Easter and after Labor Day). And now you know.
pin από το χρήστη Caitlin Flemming στον πίνακα STYLE | Pinterest

Spontaneity…..To me, summer is equivalent to possibility. And I’m ready to leave the chores behind and embrace it every single time.
SUMMER. 2014 <3

Summer, I am endlessly obsessed with you….if you were a man, I’d marry the heck out of you.

Happy Summer-ing darlings!

PS - This post is probably WAY better when read to the tune of Calvin Harris' Summer


Jamie said...

Agree... Summer is the BEST!

Pink and Fabulous said...

Just found your blog! Love it! Summer is perfection and those are all amazing reasons why!! I have to get some of that lip stuff asap because I love Buxom and hate the price!

BLovedBoston said...

Love this!! I love doing touristy things in the city especially if you would do it for a staycation!! Summer trips are always the best too...can't wait for July :) xo

J-Berg said...

I so want to visit World of Coke but my in-laws refuse every time I'm in town to visit them.

As a former southern I still follow the white pants rule. It's considered law in my book.

Meghan said...

Ahh! I love summer. Especially because I don't have to work:) It's going to be a little different these days with a baby in tow, but I do love playing tourist!

henning love said...

yes i need a pair of white pants too!!

Shannon said...

Our white pants rule is even more restrictive. Memorial Day - Labor Day. Yikes.

Faith said...

Haha, summer is OK ;)

And the thing about white ... yeah, I still don't know since to me it makes no sense, haha. But hey, if you're from the south and it is a written rule I understand why you must follow.

Sara Louise said...

I'm going to get me some Baby Lips chapstick right quick :)