Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's Letters....Tinder Highlights, 50 Pounds and Bach-ing It.

Dear Obie the Dauschund....You lost 50 pounds!! Way to go buddy! You make me want my own little doxie! Dear Bachelorette Party this weekend....I am overpacked and ready to go. It's going to be so much fun! Dear Tinder...You are nothing if not entertaining. Ok, let's face it, you are solely just entertaining. 

I mean talk about a rough name!

And then there's "Neil" who claims he's 33. I think we can all agree Neil is 59.

Dear skirt I wore to work today....I realized upon getting in the car that you are actually not an appropriate length for the work setting. We will be abstaining from all fluids today so as to limit the number of times I need to leave my desk and be seen in my hoochie getup. Dear July 4th....We are currently plan-less for you which stresses out my always-wants-plans-personality. I'm going to need a Fourth of July Miracle pronto. Dear Summer....Please slow down!! Love, your biggest fan.

❤️❤️ -vero-

Happy Friday Babes!



elle rae-marie said...

haha oh tinderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. those are some winners. you can come to MN i am planless too!

Maggie said...

Neil. Can we address the showing of the nipple for a second? Just. Wow.

Also, Obie is so super cute! Glad he's healthy :)

Happy Friday/week before the 4th...hope you find the best plans ever!

BLovedBoston said...

I'm not sure Neil is really ready to take that selfie haha! Haha I pretty much had the same scenario with my skirt yesterday - barely moved all day! Have so much fun this weekend!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Oh Tinder... Hahahaha :)
Happy weekend sweet friend x

Jamie said...

Summer is going too fast! Make it stop!

Shannon said...

Speaking of difficult names to say....

I work with a very nice person named HARSHIT. Yes. It sounds exactly like...well, you know.

Pony doody.

Alex said...

I have 4th of July plans for you: Come to the party I'm throwing over hereeeeeee!

Katie said...

Are those real guys on Tinder?! How terrifying.