Sunday, June 22, 2014

Friday's Letters....The Chair, The Bear and other non-rhyming things

Sunday Shenans with Whit

Dear World...It's nice to finally see you after being hunkered down for three straight days working on an RFP. Dear RFP....You were my first, and you were beastly but, I feel so accomplished because of you. Dear movie theater...I didn't realize when I chose my seat to see 22 Jump Street this weekend that I chose the handicap companion seat. Goal was to see movie by self inauspiciously. Reality was sitting in a chair completely off to the side next to a big gap from all the other seats...just in case anyone had any doubts that I was alone. Dear boy that asked me out on a first date to a strip club (I can't make this stuff up)....I feel like you should know that is beyond inappropriate. I also feel that you should completely understand why we will never talk again. Dear this story....You are the greatest thing ever. 

Dear Angel....It had been FAR too long since I've seen you. Sunday brunch was perfection. Dear Summer...You are OFFICIALLY here as of Saturday. I need you to be the best one I've ever had. Dear This were perfect for my day of anger last week. Officially obsessed. 

Me and Angel 

I wish I was wishing you all a happy weekend but since Friday's Letters are a little delayed, it looks like I'm wishing you all a Happy Monday!



P!nky said...

I just can't with that guy and his date suggestion. Baffled beyond belief!

Shannon said...

I begged and pleaded to find a babysitter this weekend so Andy & I could go see 22 Jump Street. No luck. I think I'll have to follow suit with you and just go by myself. I need to see that movie.