Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things I'm Adoring

So many happy things this week that.....I just had to share them all!

Meryl & Max

My mom and Shannon got my hooked onto Dancing with the Stars this season. I actually loved all three of the finalist couples but was really rooting for Meryl & Max. Watch this dance and you'll understand why. 
I mean please....just get married and have babies already!

Angelina Jolie

I think she may be a top contender as one of the world's most flawless women

Ugh....I NEVER thought I'd say this. I mean, I'm still not over the whole Jennifer-Brad breakup thing BUT...I really love what she said in response to Gwyneth Paltrow's comment that being a mom is harder for her than women who work a 9-5. Can she please just go away forever?

"I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn't complain," Ange added, continuing to say: "Consider all the people who really struggle and don't have the financial means, don't have the support, and many people are single raising children. That's hard."

Pitch Perfect 2
Pin de Tammy Bertrand en Movie quotes | Pinterest
How did I not know they were filming a second one? I adore this the countdown is on...I think I only have like 385 days to go. 

30 Days to Summer...
really no other words needed. 

New Playlist
Since I help manage the playlists at Pure Barre, I've come to fancy myself as quite the DJ. Wocka wocka (that's my spinning noise). I mean, I have actually expanded my personal playlist beyond Taylor Swift and Jessica Simpson. LOVING this one I put together this week. Let's jam along together today!


BLovedBoston said...

Oh I can't even wait to listen to the playlist!! I was rooting for Meryl & Maks babies do you mean little bears hehe

Fit With Flash said...

Look at you making playlists! Love it : )

Alex said...

1. Hate Gwyneth. She's the absolute worst.
2. How sad is it that I looked at that playlist and could imagine simultaneously tucking and dying of awesome pain? The seat songs are always my fave!

Jamie said...

I think Gwyneth and Angelina are both insufferable twats.

shannon v. said...

Random thoughts. I read your dj sounds like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets. I don't watch Dancing, but Meryl reminds me of a Disney character, plus she's already a professional dancer, so of course she won. Remember when Angelina was a crazy pants that wore Billy Bob's blood in a necklace around her neck? Yowzas on that Jamie gals comment.

P!nky said...

Pitch Perfect 2...accascuse me?!?!


Shannon said...

Gwyneth --- just ugh.

And I had no idea there was going to be a pitch perfect 2 either. I hope Fat Patricia is in it.

Erica Ashley said...

Pitch perfect 2!?!? I had no clue! But now I can't wait :) have a great weekend!!

Kayla said...

So, I loved that dance! Maybe something I should start watching. Also, I hate the whole Jenn/Brad break up too, but it seems like he and Ang are doing well and are good together. And, I HAVE to see PP2 in theaters! Can't wait!

Katie said...

you know i am ALL about the playlists! good one, lady!

have you heard Classic by MKTO? I am OBSESSED. Singing it all the time. and listen to Love in the 21st Century and Foolish Behavior and First Things First and I Love You(But I Hate Your Friends) ALL of them are by Neon Trees and ALL of them are amazing.