Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Confess...Public Plucking, Car Snacks and the 90s Gap

I Confess....Life has been so jam-packed lately that there's just not been time to get everything done. I realized on the way to work that one of my toe nails sitting in the bed of its open-toed shoe had somehow been stripped of its pink polish and lay there just naked and all obvious. 5 seconds later I looked in the mirror to realize I had the start to the most perfect unibrow happening. Thank God I had my travel-size tweezers with me (dark hair maintenance is no joke ladies) and was able to tackle the situation. I couldn't even be bothered that the man next to me on a main street in Atlanta was sitting there watching me plucking my eyebrows in the car at a stoplight. Sometimes things just have to be handled....and by things I clearly mean pre-pubescent man brows. 

I Confess...I have not cooked a real meal in over two weeks. I've been living the dream on cereal dinners and Lean Cuisine. I feel about 5,000 shades of disgusting that 60% of my meals the past week have started in some form of plastic wrapper even though I have become rather fond of the Smart Ones warm cinnamon apple side dish.

I Confess...I added up the hours I sat in traffic last week and it totaled to about 7 which isn't exactly bad for Atlanta except that I live exactly 1 mile from work. Car snacks people....I cannot stress the importance of the car snack.

I Confess....I contemplated taking a day off work to catch up on blog reading.....ok and also maybe to lay at the pool...but definitely catch up on blog reading!

I  Confess....This girl is going to see Justin Timberlake in July! I am super excited however I have a lot of catch up to do make up for what I call my "90's gap"'s essentially the era in which I am unfamiliar with any and all popular songs.

I Confess...I have developed a few OCD tendencies. I realized this when I found myself counting all the stoplights in between my house and the gym. There are case you were wondering. 

What do you confess?!
XO, Ashley


BLovedBoston said...

So so jealous that you're going to see JT in July - he is fantastic live!! I would totally take a day off and catch up on sleep, life and blogs lol! No bueno on sitting in traffic for 7 hours total last week especially when you live so close to work!! Happy Monday doll!

Shannon said...

I saw JT way back in his sexy back days and he was dreamy.

Can you walk to work if it's only a mile away? 7 hours in a car sounds dreaded.

(I just realized I spend 10 hours in a car for I should just shut up.)

Brittany said...

You are going to see Justin?!?! You are going to have so so so much fun. I love that man. He puts on a fantastic show. Awww jealous.

Rissy said...

Ash do not feel bad about living off of lean cuisines... I read that and was like "wait, it's bad if all your meals start off in plastic?" hahaha

I confess: I promised my trainer I was going to write down what I ate for the week... I didn't, nor will I admit to him how badly I ate haha

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

No Ash - that is far too long in traffic!! I absolutely cannot stand traffic - one of my biggest hates! x

Sara Louise said...

The light in the car is the best for tweezing! It's weird, but it's the best place to do it :)

Katie said...

I am pretty sure I am OCD. Pretty damn sure.

girl, you are going to have so much fun at the JT concert.