Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday's Letters....Tinder, A Wedding and being Forever Young

Me and Nina in Miami!

Dear Tinder....I just found out that for the past nine months I've apparently been set as a "male seeking a male." That would explain all not looking for a girl on my feed. :) Dear Ashley...In your mind, you are definitely younger than you actually are...I was reading a magazine the other day with an article titled "beauty at every age" with pictures of celebrities from ages 20-50. I immediately thought "I wonder who they picked for my age" and began to scan for the 23 year old #foreveryoung
Forever Young
Dear Grey's Anatomy...I forget how awesome you are until I accidentally stumble across you...when I then sit enraptured in front of the TV, jaw open. Dear Gym Boy...I saw you in real life the other day, as in, not at the gym and we both avoided all forms of eye contact and pretended we didn't know who each other that's cool. 
Dear Kacey Musgraves...This song...on repeat

Dear Justin Timberlake...I wasn't exactly allowed to listen to you when I was growing up but I Wikipedia'd this picture to find out why it was so funny....I think I get it now....maybe #homeschoolerprobs 

 Dear Nina...Today is your wedding day! I.can't.wait! Dear Shannon....I see you today! Best day ever!

Happy Friday Muffinheads!


P!nky said...

OH Tinder, I wouldn't even know what to do with you!


Shannon said...

Oh - you weren't allowed to listen/watch nsync? So what poster did you kiss with your mom's lipstick on your lips (and teeth)???

Please don't tell me that was just me!

BLovedBoston said...

You weren't allowed to listen to N'Sync growing up...I just cried a little for you on the inside!! I can't believe you and gym boy have still not talked - girl talk to him!!! Get that tinder stuff fixed ASAP!! Enjoy the wedding and have a fabulous weekend!!

Grace said...

Love that white top! Sooo cute.



Jamie said...

Happy weekend! Xoxo

Alex said...

bahaha I love your Tinder situation. My housemate is on Tinder, and I often choose women for him. It's so fun!!

Unknown said...

Tinder. LOL. LOL. LOL. I am just now learning about Tinder, seeing how I am a married OTP resident, but I think this is too funny. And Greys. Lord have mercy. I am not ready for Christina to make her exit.

Fit With Flash said...

Just catching up on your blog and lol'd at your Tinder revelation and your Justin Timberlake sleuthing. Hilarious. : )

JBean said...

I'm too scared to try Tinder - you're so brave! I jumped back into online dating a month or two ago and can I just say love truly is a battlefield!

Lindsay said...

I feel like now I can finally admit that I had to google the picture to figure out what it was all about the other day too. Yay homeschool!

Sara Louise said...

Tinder... BAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh Ashley, that's too funny!