Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one where I fell out of love, Champagne Showers and changes

Dear Atlanta...We fell out of love this week. I suppose that can happen when you sit at the SAME traffic light for 67 light rotations. To give some reference to this situation, I only sat through 13 light rotations during Snowmageddon. Another point of reference....I RAN a half marathon in the time it took me to DRIVE 6 miles....yeah. But don't worry....I fell back in love with you driving the city on my way home from missing my hair appointment...two hours later. Something about those skyscrapers. However, me and my neighborhood are still not on speaking terms. Ok, traffic rant over. Glad we got that out of the way. 

Me and Kelly 

Dear Memorial Day....You brought new experiences to me. Namely a houseboat on the lake. With 80 people, all day EDM, dance parties and champagne showers. It was so different from how I've spent any other holiday and one I will definitely not forget. 

Dear Dentist Scam Artist...After sitting for two hours in your chair, a $700 fluoride cleaning quote in my lap and teeth that had not been cleaned, can you really blame me when I walked out mid-appointment after your receptionist tried rescheduling me for my cleaning? I can't make this stuff up...not been my week for appointments ya'll. Dear Ed...You are my old man gym friend and today you shuffled all the way over to tell me goodbye as you are headed on a two-week cruise. So sweet! Dear State of Georgia...Today I get my annual birthday gift from you.....a $300 sticker.  Dear  Iggy Azalea...This song has made me channel my inner gansta all week. First thing's first, I'm the realest, realest......Love 

Dear Hair...We are blonde again. We are also currently in freakout mode....which is standard for any hair change small or great. In two days we should be able to walk past a mirror and not freakout.  #changes Dear Vogue, Fitness and Family Circle Magazines....You have somehow been sent to me for the past few months. I know I did not sign up for you but..I'm not hating you. It is pool season and I am in need of some reading material. 

Dear Readers....What's good? 


Friday's Letters developed by Ashley Slater 


P!nky said...

UGH, that stop light situation has me breaking out in hives at my desk. You poor muffin, you.

YAY blonde for the summer!

Old men gym friends are so cute.

BLovedBoston said...

Yay for being a blondie for summer!! The houseboat party sounds amazing and probably would have been the death of me - nope take that back 67 rotations of a stop light would have killed me! ATL needs some underground transport ASAP!! Happy Friday doll!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

That house boat sounds like an amazing time!

And I never knew how frustrating long traffic lights were until I moved to FL. Ugh the worst!

Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

Um. I loved this. First - that song. I LOVE it. And Atlanta. The traffic, oh the traffic! Your tweet - hilarious. And that sounded like a way fun memorial day weekend! way fun. I got a $273 sticker this week from Georgia - yay for June birthdays. And I had another comment about one of your letters, but lost it. Hello Pregnancy brain. <3 Have a good weekend.

Pamela said...

I freakin LOOOOOVE "fancy"!!! It's my jammmmm. ooooh love the blonde!!

Sara Louise said...

Looking good Blondie!
And 67 light rotations?! No. Just no.

Katie said...

your hair is perfect. I'm going blonde this Saturday!! Twinsies!

I love that you have an old man friend named Ed. Reminds me of all my favorite sweet old men that come into the library and talk to me.