Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Letters...Live Streaming, Glow Sticks, and 22.

Dear iTunes...Somehow you have mixed all my cover art up. So all my Love & the Outcome Christian songs have big ole Melissa Gorga hooters on them. Which also creates a secondary problem as I don't really want anyone to know I own Melissa Gorga songs. Dear MapMyRun….Lately you've been sending me random notifications for fellow Facebook friends who complete a bike ride or a run. Recently you started asking if I wanted to view live video of a particular older gentlemen on his run. I’m fairly certain that is the last possible thing I want to live stream to my phone. 
Dear Tomorrowworld…I have officially committed. From here to September I will be looking for the perfect neon tank top and flower garland and perfecting my  glow stick moves. Dear Pure Barre Client...You asked me yesterday what school I went to, as you "legitimately thought I was like 22." You legitimately like made my day. Dear Pure Barre Dunwoody...We celebrated our first open house last night and even though it was a long day, I am so thankful for the amazing group of women I work with and how we've become like a little family. 
and there a couple of you are, working hard behind me while I take pictures of cake. 

Dear Ariana Grande and Izzy Azalea...This song has basically been my jam on repeat lately. #lyricsonpoint. 

Dear Friends....It's Friday. Boom! Make it a happy one. 



P!nky said...

Haha melissa gorga and christan music, oh my!

Have so much fun at tomorrowland, I hear it's amazing.

I wanna hear your thoughts on pure barre.

Unknown said...

pause. you work at pure barre Dunwoody?! That place is amazing - I have not been in awhile, but need to go back to my regular ways post baby! hook a sista up! (kidding, kind off).

Shannon said...

Dude - you definitely pull of college aged.

Katie said...

22 is a good age.