Sunday, April 27, 2014

Today it was Summer

I probably stayed out longer than I should have that day, the pinkness of my skin lending testimony. And always accompanied by curious chills after hours in the scorching sunlight. 

Brightly-colored patterned towels sprinkled nearly every chair around the pool as the grill in the corner puffed with white smoke, working hard to char the burger patties and hot dogs to black-striped perfection. The ipod next to me humming out the folksy sounds of Delta Rae provided the perfect swoony backdrop to the scene that unfolded.

Little chubby children with swimsuits slipping well below their waistline cannon-balled into the pool as little girls with pony-tails that curled up at the end, heavy with dripping water, paddled by on alligator and donut-shaped floats. Squeals of laughter and giggles stemmed from every corner of the pool; watchful parental eyes scanning the enticingly mysterious "deep end." 

A fine mist of various-scented sunscreens taking me back to the September in Hawaii where the air was thick with the smell of plumeria and hibiscus and everything else wild. 
Summer 2014

And even though the ever "official" first day of summer is more than a month away and a forecast looming with thunderstorms and dropping temperatures waits for us next week, today was a day of couple canoodling and girlfriend gossip and little eyes (well and big ones too) shiny with the prospects of what summer can bring. 

And there at the pool under the heat of the sun, summer reigned supreme and all problems seemed a million miles away. Today it was summer. 



Faith said...

Such a beautiful post! Makes me excited for Summer :)

Erica Ashley said...

So wonderful!! I am glad you had such a great summer day :)

Brittany said...

I love this. Sounds like the perfect summer day :)

Shannon said...

beautifully written.

Katie said...

i love this and it is beautiful and reminds me what I love about Indiana summers. bring it, summer!

Rissy said...

Ash, this was like reading a beautiful poem! xoxox

Alex said...

I'd love to plop myself right into that scene. I'm sitting here freezing!!