Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The List....

....Bucket List that is 

Even though the weather in Atlanta would deny it today with it's dreary rain and dipping temperatures that made me reach back into my sweater bin...again....Spring is upon us and summer is not that far behind. This past weekend with it's glorious 81 degrees and splashes of sunshine through cotton-ball-esque clouds, was a good reminder that the sweater bin's days are indeed limited. 
I think it's no secret that I adore the summer....or basically just the heat. Being someone who is cold almost 90% of the time, winter is spent seeing how many layers can be piled on and how high I can jack the heat up before someone gets mad at me. I may be Georgia Power's favorite resident in the winter months. 

But with, what seems like for now, endless summer days stretched in front of us, I'm once again filled with the excitement of summer and all it's possibilities. And even though I tend to be a more spontaneous person, there are a few things I have on my spring/summer bucket list:

 Make a visit to Charleston to see one of my best friend's
If Atlanta didn't exist, you could probably find me in Charleston. Even though I adore a big huge city, there's not many that don't reside under big huge piles of snow a good amount of the year. I adore Charleston and especially this lady that lives there. 
Make a trip home to see my family
I really need to start a petition to spread out Thanksgiving and Christmas out on the calendar. There you at the end of the year traveling back and forth with just 20ish day between holidays and then not another break in time for a good 5 or 6 months. Nevertheless, I'm long  overdue for seeing my people

and my fur people 

This is my favorite picture of O'Malley. He hates baths with a passion. 

See the Braves play
I have found there are very few things better than sitting in the stands on a hot summer's day with a "real" hot dog cheering on the Bravos. 

See a concert 
I have to say that I've seen almost everyone on my "concert bucket list." This would include Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift (gosh, I have great taste in music) but there are  many others I want to see.

Run a Race 
One of the thing I love about Atlanta is the menagerie of races. There's a hardly a weekend that doesn't contain some kind of race - from a 5K to a marathon. And while I love a good challenge and training for a race, I especially love getting my friends together for a no-pressure fun-run. I'm thinking the ever-famous Peachtree Road Race on July 4th!

Go Hiking....again
This time I'm going to try and descend the mountain on my feet and not on my side. Success is just one hike away. I can feel it.

Pool Parties

Try some of Atlanta's famous Sunday Brunch spots 
(I feel like I should have better restaurant options available when people come to visit beyond the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs)

Go out on a boat
(because that is just an essential part of summer if you live in the South)

Make it to the beach with my girls
The best conversations happen on beaches, I'm convinced.

Go to the Zoo
I could go to the zoo every week and not tire of it. There's a lion reserve just outside of Vegas where you can feed and hold baby lion cubs (equals life-long dream) but they had just released a new litter into the wild the weeks before I was there. So instead of bottle-feeding the babes, I'll have to settle for surveying the mamas and paps...who I'm going to need to procreate much faster! I need more baby lions born!

If your heart doesn't melt at the site of this, it may be made of stone...I'm just saying...you might want to check!

What's on your Spring/Summer Bucket List?! 



ilene @ muchloveilly said...

I need to come up with a summer bucket list especially since I live in freaking Atlanta - well 45 min away. And yes, it stinks that we are back to sweaters but hopefully just one day more. I'm so ready for spring or even summer already!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

Oh and that picture of o'malley - love!!!!! lol!!!!

Alex said...

I'm officially depressed that I skipped spring and went right back into the cold seasons. Silly southern hemisphere.

Shannon said...

I think my bucket list starts and ends with "just enjoy".

And margaritas.

BLovedBoston said...

Perfect list of things to do!! I really wish I could go to pool parties again -we have 0 pools here that aren't community pools blah!! Hope you get to Charleston - my new favorite city...you can totally plan a trip to Boston if you'd like :)

shannon v. said...

You know who has a great zoo....St. Louis. Bucket list it :).

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

The only thing on my bucket list is to grill on those warm summer nights!!

Erin LFF said...

LOVE your list and I so want to watch some baseball with you!! I feel like we'd have a blast ;)

Katie said...

sounds like a perfect list and way to spend your summer!

I am hoping to do this 5k in June or something called the Chicks Run. You get to dress in fun outfits and all the ladies get together and do it. Last year our work did it but I couldn't so I hope they do it this year too.

I am also hopefully going to be walking in our work's team for Relay for Life which I am excited for. Always wanted to participate and ever since my Aunt it just feels closer to home so I am looking forward to that. That is some of my summer bucket list stuff :)