Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dream Team Does Vegas

I can't even describe the amazingness contained in this past weekend. It's a very surreal experience to finally meet four people you've talked to every day for nearly four years. I think our entire first day together was spent saying "Is this real life?" with the biggest smiles possible on our face. 

And since I am having serious withdrawls from these girls, I thought I'd relive my trip here today and share some of the fun we had!

I had a layover in Texas and Shalyn got on my plane! We were definitely the most annoying, loud, giddy people on the plane. 

As soon as we got off the plane, we were texting with Rissy and ran right into her in between C22 and C2 in the Southwest Terminal. Biggest group hug ever. 

Kurt and Drew surprised us with a limo at the airport! Best surprise ever! Que giddiness increasing by about 1,000 percent. 

Even though I have massive Oprah arm in this pic, I don't even care because of the sheer joy and happiness on each of our faces


We made a trip to Fremont Street on the old Vegas strip to zip line down the middle. Sadly the zipline wasn't open yet but...clearly this didn't hamper our mood. PS - When they say "make a funny face," I take it seriously. From now on I will know this means to just look extra cute. (I'm talking to you Erica...Sabs...Shay!) 

Doing a little gambling at the Gold Nugget. Baller status. PS - if you ever meet Erica, you might want to rub her (in a non-creepy way). Girlfriend is good luck!

Rissy and I won too! I am still contemplating how I'm going to spend my twenty of dollars. 

First night....all out (all out can be interpreted as "wear your tightest dress before the vacation non-diet kicks in). AND our resident Vegas favorite came with us! Love you Ash!

My muffins 

Vegas has the prettiest hotels!

Hanging outside at Tryst with the girls 

Pool party bound on day 2 with these babes. 

Sporting Red Sox...just for Erica!

Booty booty booty 

I need everyone to appreciate the amazingness that is Sabrina's swimsuit. 

I mean....best.thing.ever.

What's vacation without a little shopping?! 

Sometimes when you want a group pic, reflective surfaces are your best friend

XS in Wynn. I forget what night this was but, it was unreal. See below

Day 3...Mandalay Bay Pool Party

We were on the list. Thanks to Sabrina, we were on the list everywhere. I'm not gonna lie....I don't hate being a VIP #werekindofabigdeal 

I learned on this day that I'm a big fan of cabanas. I'm also a big fan of people named Erica ...big fan. 

I learned other moves besides the head bob on this trip. 

Night 3 in the VIP stairwell at Marquee

This was a must. 

And then it was over...just like that. Just 96 hours later. I want to live in the Vegas bubble forever with these muffins. Time to start planning our Dream Team vacation 2015. And until then, I'll just have to live off snapchats and the millions of memories made this weekend. Thank God for putting these girls in my life. Love ya'll forever. 



ashleigh said...

after looking at all of this I just want you to come back already. wah!

Alex said...

Y'all are all seriously so well dressed. And I want your abs. The end.

J and A said...

So fun!!! Blog friendships are amazing. Love this.

P!nky said...

Lookslike so much fun muffin! wee!

Shannon said...

Wow. What an amazing trip! And based on the fact you were all pretty drop dead gorgeous, I'm sure there were boys aplenty. You couldn't have thrown in a picture of two of eye candy?

(I"m married, but I can look!)

BLovedBoston said...

Looks like it was a blast!!! You all looked great!

Katie said...


I absolutely adore Shay and Erica soso so much...so I know how you feel! xoxo!!!

Brittany said...

Looks like you girls had a blast!! Sounds like a fun time :)

Ashley said...

Loved seeing all of y'alls IG's pics! Looks like y'all had such an amazing time!! Ash, you were rockin' some cute lil outfits sista girl ;-)

Katie said...

I seriously stalked all of you guys and your IG's of Vegas and I am NOT ashamed. Looks like so much fun and hey, you are a total babe.

Katie said...


Young and Fabulous said...

love this SO MUCH. seriously!! i looked at it multiple times!!

can we go back?

mexico 2015!

~*Nicole*~ said...

Any way you can do a fashion post on where you got some of those amazing Vegas outfits & accessories?!?