Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Confession Sessions....Gluttony, Lost Swagger and Old Men

I Confess....Old men at the gym love me. I don't know what it is but I have at least three regulars pushing 70 every day that always smile and wave to me or say hello. My favorite wears a superman cape shirt on his elliptical days. Freakin' adorable. 

I Confess....I ate every single one of my JIF Naturals peanut butter singles cups with my finger last week.....not even a spoon...there was no time. I left my dipping celery just siting there staring back at me. Nothing says professional like a girl in her pencil skirt with a finger full of peanut butter. 
peanut butter | via Tumblr

I Confess...The Boston Marathon has totally given me the running fever again. Considering I ran four miles on Sunday and had shin splints, Monday....looks like we'll be starting the training process at Ground Zero. 

PS - So proud of you Meb!! USA USA USA!! 

I Confess....I am a very hard worker, except for the Friday before a holiday and then I am about 70% useless. I ate a cookie the size of my head that probably contained 2 sticks of butter on Friday and then spent the afternoon online browsing everything that Andee Layne wears. I needed the VPs to call work only to save me and my bank account...and  my thighs... from myself. 

I Confess...I keep a pretty strict diet but, just to keep it real around here...remember how I said a "cheat dessert" was in order this weekend? Well you'll be happy to know that an entire cheese danish was consumed....and not the cute round type....the log type meant to serve an entire family at a picnic. Oh and that was in addition to the Paula Deen Butter Cookie....so, yeah. #itwassoworthit #byevegasdiet 
Easy cheese Danish! Yum!.

I Confess...I feel like I've lost my blogging swagger. Do you all ever feel like that? Little ole Run With Me is in a bit of a boring ole rut. But I'm working on un-rutting it. If there's anything you want to read about; holler at your girl!

I Confess...This weekend I indulged in sheer laziness...along with the aforementioned gluttony. I played in the park, went to the pool and went out with this girl. 

This half smile look is what you get when I'm concentrating on not blinking...it's one or the other people. I blinked in 18 out of my 21 high school senior photos....not even kidding. #leastphotogenicpersonever 

What do you confess? 


katmcd said...

You always look like you are in amazing shape. I would love to hear about your workout routine or typical diet.

P!nky said...

Cheat days are so worth it!!! :)


BLovedBoston said...

I don't feel like you've lost your mojo at all!! I can totally see the old men at the gym digging on you - I mean they aren't stupid haha!! I was so happy MEB won and girl he was crazy fast...i had to use the burst functionality on my iPhone to capture him haha

The Pink Growl said...

Your black dress is AMAZING! I think I've just about lost my blogging swagger too. I just can't get back on a regular schedule of posting. And I think I need a superman cape...

Shannon said...

Girl, you're at the gym constantly with 70 year old men so once in a while you can eat a family sized danish.

You deserve it!

Erin LFF said...

You are stunning woman! Oh how I wish we could be neighbors and work out and run together.. and you could convince me to only let treats be TREATS, and not regular menu items ;)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

You're too gorgeous! :-)

Faith said...

haha, I love that old men love you, too cute and funny!

I'm obsessed with everything Andee wears too! Girl is so fabulous!

And so are you. Loving that black dress!

Alex said...

I've done nothing but eat chocolates for the past week. Thanks a lot, Easter. I need to keep a more strict diet like you!

Jess said...

um, I just want you to know that now i'm craving a big family-size danish. :)

Katie said...


I have been in a blogging rut for awhile too. Just one of those things that happens sometimes.

Sara Louise said...

I'm an old man magnet too. I don't know why but they love me! But none have ever worn a superhero cape... that is beyond awesome.