Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Lovelies....The one with the movies, all the bloggers and the list.

I know it's technically not the weekend anymore....but, that's what happens when you set the timer wrong in blog publisher you're super busy. Regardless...sometimes simple weekends turn out to be  happy ones....

An amazing outdoor 5-mile run and sweaty gym session. I love Saturdays because I can take as long as I want to workout without having to watch the clock to get to work. 

Endless Love....I went. I adored. The high school girls in front of me claimed it was "too cheesy" but, they don't know what they're talking about. It was ugh-mazing. 

Trying a new gym. I usually always go to the same LA Fitness but decided to try one further in town on Sunday. I deemed it not as cool as my gym except that they have TRX systems which I'm a big fan of....until I tried to flip over in the straps and got twisted up. There really is no graceful way to recover from that. 
Fitness Training | Izabel Goulart
I really hate when they use my body in pics without permission ;)

A Clean gosh, I am 73 years old! But I the only one that thinks a clean house make you way more relaxed?!

Phone calls and face times with this chick and this one 
2011 Hollaback with me, Chels, Ash & Ami. Adore is an understatement. #bloggerbesties 

Counting down to Vegas with this sweet little calendar Erica sent it just me or do I look amazing with triple D boobs? hahaha 

My new playlist. I was in desperate need of some new jams for my workout and this little list totally pumped me up. Is it weird I have slow songs in my playlist? Sometimes I need a slower song to slow me down and bring my heart rate down. 

Timber  - Pitbull & Ke$ha 
Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron
Replay - Zendaya
Dark Horse - Katy Perry 
Story of My Life - One Direction 
Stay the Night - Zedd

XO, A "DJ Slinky Kinky" 
(which is apparently my dj name according to the very accurate "find your dj name" quiz I took) 


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

Bahahahaha! Everything about this post is amazing!

Now you made me intrigued to watch Endless Love. It looks super cheesy but then again that's not always a bad thing.

And no, not weird you have slow songs on your playlist. It's all about the beat and story of my life def has it!

And last but not least, that calendar - no wonder your weekends are so busy! Hehe! Too funny!

BKCsquared said...

Hahaha those high school kids were just trying to be cool. I remember K & I would purposely NOT go to the movies when we knew the high school down the street was having a half day. Let us enjoy our movie in peace, okay?!

P.S. DJ Slinky Kinky is probably the best name that came out of that quiz. AMAZING.

xo, B

Katie said...

I can't even imagine running one mile. I was not meant to be a runner. Nope. But you go girl!

Am I the only person that hasn't said Endless Love looks cheesy? I seriously haven't even thought so. I want to see it because ALEX PETTYFER but it also looks adorable. Don't know who will go with me tho :/

I tend to have more clutter and messes BUT I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE. It makes me so happy. 73 year old ladies unite!

I love Lord Huron.

Aspen Kelty Marie said...

So glad I stumbled onto your blog! I love a good fitness blog :) New follower

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Michaela said...

Looking good in those gym pics, Ash! ;) I want to see Endless love now! I can't wait for our reunion!!


The Pink Growl said...

A clean house is the bEST!

Brooke said...

I cannot BELIEVE all of y'all are going to Vegas. That will be so much fun!

Shannon said...

I love Vegas. Definitely jealous.

I hear Story of My Life every.single.morning while getting ready for work. So that song is the story of my life. Total mind freak, right?

Ericka said...

A clean/organized house is the best! Totally makes you relaxed and able to enjoy being there!

Meghan said...

I need to add some of those songs to my running playlist! And I LOVE TRX - it takes some getting used to, but it can be a tough workout!

Alex said...

I'm obsessed with that Replay song. It's my jammmmm.

Fit With Flash said...

High five on the TRX Workout girl. And next time we facetime, I'll show you the easy/smooth way to put your feet in the Foot Cradles without effing it up. ; )

Elise said...

Love to hear that you loved Endless I just gotta find the time to see it! And, I love your playlist!

Sara Louise said...

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than a clean home! I guess you can call us the Golden Girls :)