Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's Letters....Stoplight singing, Vegas and 4am.

Dear Facebook Movie Feature...Please go away. I'm over seeing everyone's scanned in photos from 2006. I might also just be bitter that I don't have a movie...just giant pictures of my face when I click on your magical link. Dear Man at the Stoplight...I'm sorry you had to take in my performance of Carrie Underwood's "Flat on the Floor," fist microphone and all. I was feeling empowered. Also my car apparently isn't as dark as I thought it was under the streetlight. Dear Tuesday and Thursday have been good for my soul. Fun girls nights with two groups of girlfriends. I already adore February 10,000 times more than January. 
Dear Vegas....I mean, I'm gonna take a gamble and say that you are probably going to be more fun this time than my work trip here. Dear Kale...See above and I are about to become best friends...we're talking Bert and Ernie status. Dear Sweet Sixteen Donuts...Goodbye for now. Dear The Weather...You are showing snow flakes on my app and well, that's not even funny. Don't play me like that. Dear 4am...You and I reunited this past weekend for the first time since college and well, let's just say, I prefer you when I'm supine having REM sleep. #28isnotthenew21 
College Throwback! 

This has been a PACKED week of both fun and client meetings. So ready for the weekend! 


Friday's Letters developed by my sweet friend Ashley Slater


Faith said...

What I love the most about this post is that you spoke to Vegas ;)

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Why don't you have a facebook movie?

Alex said...

Vegas!!!! Can't wait to hear all about that after!!

Katie said...

I was going to hate on those facebook movies too but then my cousin got on my aunt's page(the one who passed away of cancer) and posted her facebook movie. It made all of us cry and was just really sweet. One win for facebook.

Excited for you to go to Vegas and have some fun! I am expecting you to win a lot of money while you are there.