Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Fit-Trition Challenge

So, back in December when I hosted the December Fitness Challenge, I had a lot of you tell me that you'd love to join but, just not in December. So, here's your chance! 

Why February? Because that's when the slump hits. I think many of us make fitness and nutrition New Year's Resolutions. But by the start of February, life has caught up to us, and those resolutions tend to start slipping. 
I say yes !!

Also, it's the month of why not love your body and heart?!

What's it all about? This challenge will feature three components every day:
#1 A nutrition challenge or tip - Designed to get you thinking about what you're putting in your body
#2 A cardio move - Designed to get your heart rate up
#3 A bonus move - Designed to tone

Here is the challenge in its entirety 

These are meant to be short but challenging - either to supplement your current workout or be your actual workout. And you can choose to participate in any or all three of the challenges. 

I'll be posting daily on the Run With Me Facebook page so as not to crowd the blog with fitness overload! Would love for you to join along and share your progress! 

It's going to be a month of fitness fun! If you have any questions, feel free to email me here.

Day 1 - Let's go! 


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