Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When I was Penelope

I've always had a pretty vivid imagination - especially when I was little. I remember one particular game I loved to play with my cousin, Tryston. I adored the show BeWitched and in this game we were brother and sister witches, Victor and Penelope, (gosh, we had great witch names) with secret talents. Tryston, er Victor, was a mad scientist and could concoct any potion for anything in his treehouse mansion. Penelope could fly and appear wherever she desired. 
plotting my next disappearing act 

Lucky for Tryston, his childhood fantasies came to life as he grew up to work for NASA and now the Air Force and is easily the smartest person I know. Unfortunately for me, I still show no signs of being able to fly or teleport.

But even though we're all grown now, isn't it still sometimes fun to pretend and wonder "what if?" 


Liiiiiiike....what IF:

-You could meet one celebrity dead or alive? Taylor Swift...duh. 
-You could have a secret talent? Sorry Penelope, think I'd trade in flying for being able to sing
-You could take back one decision? Capris...it's always the hibiscus flower capris in college 
-You could go anywhere in the whole wide world? Bora Bora
Bora bora  ♡ che bel mare 😍😍
-If you could change your name? Kelly. Every Kelly I know is just gorgeous and fun. 
-You won the lottery. Oh heyyy Bora Bora...and a city loft! 
-You could travel back to any time period. The 70s. I know most people would go for the drugs and free love...I would go for the bell bottoms, jump suits and mini skirts. I basically want to be Marlo Thomas. 
Marlo Thomas-That Girl!   Seriously, this outfit could be in 2012!

-You could only eat one food for the rest of your life. Chocolate milk (is this technically a food?)...or pizza. But then I'd have to travel back from the 70s to modern day and the land of liposuction. ;)

Play along won't you? Either in the comments or link back to your own post! 


Jess said...

You know I love surveys like this!

I can't imagine you as a Kelly. I picture something different, like Mia.

oh, and I totally did this: http://www.prettyphysicist.com/2014/01/what-if.html

BLovedBoston said...

These are awesome!!! Your Penelope story is pretty funny because when I used to go out in college and didn't want to give out my real name I'd use Penelope!! Even though Biana always sounds far fetched!! Yes to Bora Bora and then just travelling the world!! :)

maggie_rane said...

You could meet one celebrity dead or alive? Ayn Rand
-You could have a secret talent? Reading Minds
-You could take back one decision? Since we’re talking clothes – anything I ever bought from Guess
-You could go anywhere in the whole wide world? Monaco
-If you could change your name? I’d go by my middle name, Rane
-You won the lottery. I’d buy a Ferrari, instantly
-You could travel back to any time period. The 20s, I’d be Zelda Fitzgerald
-You could only eat one food for the rest of your life. – probably Crème Brulee

Shannon said...

My mom's name is Kelly and she is pretty rad. :)

Ashley said...

Bora Bora is my dream vacation too...seems reasonable to plan a blogger meetup there right? Not like it's expensive or anything...haha

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I would love to meet Taylor Swift too. Did you see her performance on the Grammys? Amazing.

Taren said...

I totally wanted to be a Kelly too. Ashley is still pretty fun, at least you have a Y you can sign your name all cute. I used to want to change my name to be spelled Taryn for that reason.

Sara Louise said...

I think a photo of the the hibiscus flower capris need to make an appearance on the blog.

Katie said...

Can you have pizza AND chocolate milk? Cause that would be my choice too.