Thursday, January 23, 2014

what's up.....

Stealing a page from my oh so stylish friend Ilene with a what's up kinda post. 

Making : the rest of my February challenge plan 

Cooking : Grilled chicken and garlic mashed cauliflower  
Drinking : on, I swear I get less boring. 
Reading:  About to start the book The Group for my book club. I just got it today and it's massive...and I have 20 days to read it. 
Wanting: New black current ones didn't emerge too well from the Chicago snow
Untitled | via Tumblr
Looking: forward to Miami and Vegas in a few months! 
Playing: What the Phrase. Have you all played this? It's so addicting. It's just like Wheel of Fortune. 
Wasting: probably a lot of food #singlegirlprobs 
Sewing: haha...right. 
Wishing: for summer....come oooon sunshine! 

Loving: All the pics my sister sends me of O'Malley 

Enjoying: Atlanta. I really just love this city. 

Waiting: For 530am...gym time...I know I sound like a gym rat but it's my favorite part of the day (can be read: Ashley needs a life). 
Liking: The crop top trend for summer 
Wondering: what this year holds. 
Hoping:  I get to somehow see all of my long-distance friends this year. 
Marveling: At how people in the north live in all that snow. Ya'll are my heroes. 
Needing: Weekend plans (yes, that is a "need" for me)
Smelling: Remnants of my perfume from the day 
Wearing: purple VS sweatpants and a blue VS sweatshirt...I look like a fluffy smurf. 
Following: The Tone It Up girls on IG. Obsessed with them. 
Noticing: That the New Years resolutioners are dropping off at the gym...tsk tsk. but, really, thank God. It was getting crowded up in there. 
Thinking: About Andy's sermon on Sunday. If you don't regularly attend church (or even if you do) you should tune in. He's awesome and so applicable. 
Bookmarking: Lots of new songs to add to my workout playlists 
Opening: A fresh jar of pickles....they are my after work hind site I probably should have just deleted all the questions that make me look lame ;) 
Giggling: Over Shalyn's snapchats. 
Feeling: Tirrrrrred but content....ish ;) 

Please join in! And then come back and share the link to your post in the comments! 

Happy Thursday muffinheads. 



My-cliffnotes said...

I follow them on IG too!

My-cliffnotes said...

And you are so not lame!

P!nky said...

Tooo cute!

Please bring summer soon! I'm so sad with all the snow and cold, wah!

BLovedBoston said...

I too am obsessed with the ToneItUp girls!! They are too funny!! Not sure how we manage up here with all the snow, but what i'd give for the sunshine in Miami right now...

Katie said...

Love these!!! And seriously, we are all crazy for living where the temperature ever drops below 40. I have been beggggggging Justin to find a job and move me to North Carolina...clearly to no avail!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I played Match the Dots and in two days I beat all 702 levels!! It is super addicting!

J-Berg said...

Thank you for saving me from writers block this afternoon!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, yay! loved reading this. and puh-lease, girl you are far from lame.

speaking of weekend plans, we need to nail a coffee date in early feb. let me know!

Erin LFF said...

OOoh, I need to go follow Tone It Up girls on IG now, thanks!! I'm slowly getting myself to the gym around 6:30 1-2 times a week. It's a struggle, but I'm hoping this becomes a habit before long!! :)

Erica Ashley said...

I love this! I also am obsessed with the Tone It Up girls and they favorite one of my tweets last week! I basically died!! LOL I always overshop when I buy groceries! For some reason I buy enough blueberries to feed a family of four for two weeks and always have to throw them away :( Along with the crazy amount of veggies that get soft! When will I learn?

Shannon said...

Us northerners and snow? -25 with windchill? I didn't even wear hat or gloves today.