Sunday, January 12, 2014

So this health thing....

When people ask me what the "theme" of my blog is, I kind of look at them all blank-stare-like before I say "I mean, it's just kind of like whatever...things I do, fashion, doesn't really have a theme" I suppose if I was quicker on my toes, I could say it's a "lifestyle blog" and sound much more like a legit blogger than I do. But let's be real...said lifestyle blog just means a schmattering. 

And I kind of like my schmattered blog. 

I mentioned in a new year's post that I wanted to add a little more fitness focus to this blog. But, if you are one of those that is so over reading health and fitness blogs, have no fear, this blog will continue to have a consistent non-theme. :)
Get up and do a workout!

But today, today we are talking nutrition. Mostly because I want to know what all you people are eating out there! In the end of 2013, I started getting more serious about nutrition and man, were they right when they say "abs are made in the gym but seen in the kitchen." Not that I have abs to speak of (yet) but, I was amazed at how much nutrition does for a body.  
I have been trying to eat "clean" and "gluten-free" not because I have a gluten allergy but because gluten bloats. But, I'll be honest, it's freaking expensive and gluten is in EVERYTHING...unless you cook it from scratch and well, yeah, we all know about my cooking skills! It's a challenge. But here are some things I'm loving lately.

Breakfast: Ezekial Bread English Muffins (not gluten free....the GF ones literally taste like wall.)
Lunch: Tuna packets and GF crackers, clementines and Clif (kids) granola bars, veggie chips..basically anything I can eat at my desk since I never leave. I should probably apologize to my coworkers for being that person that eats tuna at her desk. 
Ivânia Diamond - fashion & lifestyle

Dinner: Grilled chicken or fish, some kind of veggie 
grilled chicken with lemon

Snacks: Chocolate milk, Caramel Rice Cakes...and, to keep it real....Sweet 16 Donuts....I mean, I don't think there's anything I love more for $1.99. 
chocolate milk

So, what healthy things are you eating these days?!     



Young and Fabulous said...

tastes like a wall LOL i just cracked up laughing!!

its so hard that eating healthy means spending TWICE the money! Whats up with that!!

ive been doing a lot of stir fry lately with quinoa! i just made a pretty good one the other day....quinoa/black beans/corn/cilantro/red pepper/jalapeno. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

other than that, I can't part with my junk food...double stuffed oreos OH YES.


Erica Ashley said...

I love carmel rice cakes!! I am so glad you posted this because I am going to "clean" up my eating, to specifically focus on my abs! But I thought I would have to get rid of ALL sugar that isn't natural and I almost died. I definitely need to cut down so just seeing what you posted makes my heat and stomach happy :)

I am on a quinoa kick right now! I just make a batch on Sunday and eat it with my chicken and fish through out the week. I always add veggies and a honey dijon mustard sauce to it for a little flavor :)

The Modern Tulip said...

I LOVE Ezekial bread with a little peanut butter and agave! Yum! I eat a lot of the same things as you actually. Just add in some protein shakes on the days I decide to workout :) Oh and clean chili. That's a staple in this house.

JBean said...

Hahahahaha GF ones taste like wall!!! NOTED! I will not being buying those. I always have healthy bars in my bag for snacking on the go. I like Raw Revolution and Kind bars right now. I also love making green smoothies. Lately I've been adding some nuts to my salads for added protein.

Brittany said...

If you have a trader joes by you they have some good gf frozen waffles. Also try frozen veggies, only slightly more expensive but so much better :)

Anonymous said...

eating healthy is so so so hard.. but I am trying so hard. For breakfast I usually make a shake.. (spinach leaves, kiwi, some greek yogurt & honey) pretty good but not as good as a juicy pile of pancakes. for lunch it usually is the same as breakfast or I'll add some fresh fruits. for dinner it usually is a meal, light meal at that.

P!nky said...

I hate how expensive healthy food can be, it's such a racket, wah!

I try and snack on veggies and fruits, but I love me some air popped popcorn and dark chocolate :)!

I love your blog btw!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

BAHAHAHAH! oh, girl - you are so brave to go the gluten-free route. i applaud you 'cause i don't know if i could ever go there. i told Ryan if i ever did, it would be doctor's orders and i pray that never happens. but hey, you're gonna be the one with the abs of steel, not me. so i'm not arguing. ;)

as for me, health-wise...i really need to get with running. this cold weather in ATL has been the worst - but i think i'm gonna try to sneak a run this afternoon. and have you ever tried avacados with cheese on toasted wheat bread with a dash (okay, loads!) of black pepper and salt. SO good!

okay, enough of my novel. happy gluten-free eating!

BLovedBoston said...

Props to you for trying to be GF!! That is no easy task - but for me I try to make sure I stay balanced...I try to make a juice for breakfast at least 3 times a week so that really keep me full until lunch and no need to snack and then for lunch it's usually a salad/soup or leftovers from the night before. For dinner - I'm really good about meal planning so that I don't stray from what I bought and get tempted to order out!! And lets be real when my husband is out of town I definitely eat like a 10 year old and love me some fish sticks!!

Katie said...

Love this!!! I also love reading about what others are eating and how they're keeping it healthy.

My diet has been really, really subpar lately. Like, not eating at all or just eating saltines or bread. Healthy, right?? But now that I'm feeling better I'm trying to edge back in the produce and healthy grains. Apples and pb are my jam right now!

Lainey said...

love the Ezekial breads and also love that you said the GF taste like wall. they really do - they just disintegrate - yuck!

Ericka said...

I love when you add in some nutrition posts--so keep 'em coming :) Today I started the Yeast-Free 30 day challenge...basically no dairy, no carbs, no grains/breads, no sugar...hopefully it will work!

JCP Eats, said...

for a main meal, I eat salmon all of the time!

as for health-centered things, I love green smoothies! My favorite is spinach, pineapple, 1/2 gala apple, honey, almond milk, and greek yogurt!

Navia said...

Personally, I cut back a great deal of sugar, salt, and carbs in my diet. I eat more veggie and lean protein, and low fat dairy. Cutting back on the portion sizes helped a lot also.

Sara Louise said...

I've been on a brussel sprouts kick lately... like a three day a week kind of kick. I'm expecting to turn into a little sprout any day now :)

Fit With Flash said...

Go girl! Get you some real food action going on! And gluten doesn't bloat so much, it's the types of food gluten are in - breads, processed junk - that cause the bloat! If you're not allergic, you're ok to eat things that happen to have gluten in them.
My rules for eating "clean".
1. Your food should go bad, like within a week or so. If it doesn't, it's not real (other than honey).
2. You should be able to kill it or pick it (from the ground or from a tree) to consider it a real ingredient.
3. If it didn't exist 500 years ago, it's not real.

Good luck, girl! You'll do great.

And I'm with you on the non-theme theme. #fistbump

Katie said...

Oh man. You don't even want to know what I eat. I need to cut it out for serious health concerns but MY GOSH DETOX DIETS ARE HARD.

I'm determined to work on it this year but we'll see...