Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So it snowed

So, as you may have seen on the national news, Atlanta got some snow Tuesday and, the struggle was real. 

It was unlike anything I've ever seen
A baby was born on the highway 
The police stopped responding to crashes that didn't involve more than 2 vehicles
There were more than 1,000 car wrecks just in Metro, in a 10 hour period 
911 was overloaded and the police sent out a message saying to tweet them or Facebook them vs call...I mean, how 2013 are we?
The average commute was 6 hours to go 10 miles 
And hundreds and hundreds of abandoned vehicles still sitting on the roads today. 
the start of the mass Exodus around noon Tuesday

Instant chaos

Then there was the know, the newscasters who debated whether we should call it "hashtag snowmageddon" or "hashtag snowpocalypse"....because, ya know, it's very important to know how to properly hashtag your tweets. 

and then there was this news ticker....
....which was obviously written by someone who had been on Johnson Ferry road.

This is how every single highway and road in Atlanta looked for about 20 hours. 

And then this is what it looked like Wednesday morning, a virtual parking lot.

more abandoned vehicles 

Scene on the left is real life; scene on the right is the opening scene from the Walking Dead. Crazy!

As you can imagine, we've received a lot of jokes about how Atlanta can't handle 2 inches of snow
the truth is that, it was more the ice and the fact that our roads were untreated and our cars aren't able to handle ice and that schools let out too late anddd, our whole city only owns 40 snow plows which, due to the gridlock, weren't even able to get through.

But through all of this bad, it was so inspiring to see so many kind-hearted people and the endurance of the human spirit. 
Southern Hospitality (aka How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity With Eight Simple Photos)

Many of my coworkers were trapped in our office overnight and those that lived close hoofed it back to bring air mattresses, food and blankets. I love my not-so-little work family. More than 47,000 Atlantans joined the group "Snowed Out Atlanta" in one day to show where stranded motorists could get food and shelter and also to post where friends and family needed help.

And all over the city, many grocery stores and drug stores opened their doors aisles to the stranded. 

God bless you snowy little Atlanta. 


choose to be happy blog said...

AMEN!!! i have honestly had to unfriend several people today! ha! they have been just so terribly insensitive and have no idea how crazy everything has been here!! how its not even really the snow its all the CONGESTION AND PEOPLE etc etc. so crazy, and so happy we are both home and safe!! we love you atlanta!! xoxoo

sburton1130 said...

Love this! I had to get to the airport today so my parents took me 7 hours early haha. But thankfully I'm here safe and they made it back home! Driving down the interstate was a little scary and it was so sad seeing all the abandoned cars! Glad you weren't stuck in it!

Brianna said...

That is UNREAL! Like.... Scary zombie apocalypse unreal!! Glad you're safe and how awesome that people were so kind and helpful to each other. I read today about how a school had to have all their students spend the night because they couldn't get home and I was literally teary eyed reading it, I mean maybe it's the time of the month haha but also faith in humanity restored!

Brittany said...

This is such insanity!! Seriously so crazy. It is nice to see that there are still kind people in the world.

Tiffany said...

I saw a post on facebook today someone telling the north to shut up about how we don't know hot to handle said "We don't want to hear any more from the northerners about how we can't handle snow in the south. It doesn't happen here, you know, sort of like winning a BCS Championship doesn't happen up there." Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Ash, that time lapse of the traffic going from green to red is crazy. So glad you all made it - hoping they get everything cleared up soon!!

P!nky said...

I was thinking and praying for ya girlie. I believe all of my ATL friends were unscathed, but goodness what a mess. Good people make me smile though :)!

Anonymous said...

so unreal

BLovedBoston said...

It really is insane seeing what Atlanta and the surrounding areas went through - not fun at all, but it's so great to see how many GOOD people are still out there and that in situations like that everyone comes together!

Alex said...

Before you said it, I was seriously thinking it looked like The Walking Dead! How did you fare??? Were you able to make it home?

jayme said...

'merica! i'm glad you're safe and i love the pictures of everyone coming together! xo

Jessica said...

wow that is so awesome that so many people reached out and were able to help! I hope that you guys are okay now :)

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Wow, as a fellow Atlantan, you did a great job at recapping all that happened. It was a mess, wasn't it? So glad you were okay!

Now, apparently we are getting more next week! Eek!

The Pink Growl said...

SO crazy!!! Glad you survived it!

Jamie said...

I loved seeing pictures of people helping each other. So heart warming.

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

so seattle is the same way. when it snows, the city SHUTS down. a few years ago there was a horrible shut down on the freeway and people were stranded and the mayor did not get re-elected because of the whole snowpocalypse (yes that's the name of it.)
we don't have snow plows and to make it all worse, we have hills. Hills like San Francisco hills. Picture that with snow & ice. So when Chicago makes fun of us- I'm like, dude, it's flat there. it's powder-y snow, and you have snow plows.

Shannon said...

I love the Walking Dead comparison. I was thinking that halfway through your post and you didn't disappoint!

As a Buffalo gal, I'm no stranger to snow storms. Of course, ours are because we get several feet of snow in a few hours, but I'm not blaming the reaction to snow on the Atlanta residents. You don't have the equipment or the experience to deal with it. Glad you're safe.

Katie said...

I seriously have to laugh at the chaos that snow causes in the south. We have had so much snow and ice and frigid temps and drifting in the Midwest that that southern stuff seemed so little. I'm glad you were safe in it all!

Love that you compared it to the Walking Dead! Totally looks like that.