Sunday, January 19, 2014

I confess...the one with snow driving, juan pablo and hair decisions

It's been a LONG while since we've had a little confession session here at RWM. But today feels like as good a day as any. 

I confess....Tivo is really a waste of money for me. I forget I even have it until about 1 commercial before the segment comes back on. 

I confess...I have never driven in snow. I have to be in Chicago for work this week and I am one nervous little muffin. If you see someone driving about 20 miles in the far right lane, that's me!
Snowy illinois day.

I confess....I am really picking up my cooking skills. I mean, I'm no Rachael Ray but the "frozen dinner" is becoming an endangered freezer item around my place. 
this would be a real life image from my kitchen. 

I confess...We had the first weekend with no rain in it since the beginning of November and it was beautiful!! I'm telling you , when I say it rains here a It rains a lot! But not this weekend! 

I confess....I think I'm part bear. I have been sleeping non-stop. We're talking 10 and 11 hour increments, which is NOT me. I'm a 5-hour-a-night girl...more proof to my theory that summer is the superior season - endless energy!
Mab Store

I confess...It's almost time for some hair maintenance and big decisions lay ahead...blonde again or back to brunette? #thingsthatkeepmeupatnight 

I confess....I'm now on board with Juan Pablo after this last episode. It may have something to do with this picture.

..or maybe this one. 
I mean details. 

I confess....this post is a result of doing literally nothing this weekend. Someone asked me what I did this and I told them "gym, packed and made egg whites." Sometimes I can't handle the excitement of my life. 

What do you confess? 
XO, A 


Erica Ashley said...

Go you! That meal looks delicious! Driving in snow is similar to driving in kind of :) Have fun in Chicago!

Elise said...

I'm cooking more too! I made chili and pancakes this weekend for the first time!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you crack me up. this whole post - loved it. though i haven't slept 10 hours a night, i def could if i tried! its way too cold in ATL to get out of bed - cannot wait for warmer weather!

and you are in chicago?! gah! if you do make it out to the city, have so much fun for me!

P!nky said...

Hahah love your weekend answer!

Bring back summer ASAP! And keep up the cooking good looking!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I didn't know that you had never driven in snow. Just drive slower than you usually would... sort of like the rain.

Brianna said...

Juan Pabloooooo I'm obsessed. Like hello weak knees!! Which is so funny because during Des' season he wasn't even my favorite... maybe because they BARELY showed him?? But I think he's my fave Bachelor thus far.

That dinner looks DELISH! atta girl. I'm trying to cook more now too... I've definitely been bad at eating out too much or relying too much on cereal-for-dinner nights. oops!

Kayla said...

I'm so proud of your cooking! And, I would be a bear too if I didn't have the girls to keep me up. Also, I thought that Juan going on a one on one with the other single mom to see if they had a connection or not so he "wouldn't be keeping her from her son" anymore than he had to if they didn't have a connection, was very thoughtful. He had me at that.

Kayla said...
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Sara Louise said...

Your real life from the kitchen photo looks pretty dang tasty!