Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Letters....the one where I was 1 away, an old time love, and hastags.

Dear Little are one follower away from 1,000 followers. I know it's not about number buts, that is a BIG.DEAL. Dear this quiz about what city you should live in....I got Los Angeles. And I don't entirely disagree. Dear Jessica Simpson...You were on Kelly & Micheal this week and it just reminded me how much I love you. I think you will be my favorite for always. Dear all the healthy eating websites I've been visiting hash tag A inappropriate amounts. #healthyeating #organic #fitspo #organic #chicken #with #organic #salt&peppa' (PS - Did anyone else not know there was organic salt and does that differ from regular people salt and pepper?)
Dear Crop Top Trend....I have officially invested in you for this summer. Dear The Situp...We're about to become intimately acquainted (reference previous letter). Dear January...You are seriously the lamest of all months Everyone is broke and tired from December and I just want to hang out! Come on February....and tax returns. Dear Juan Pablo...I am trying to get on board with the 305th season of the Bachelor but I just don't dig you. I think you just want to be famous and I think you think you are funnier than you actually are. Dear O'Malley...I miss you. 

Happy Friday! 
What are you up to this weekend?!


Friday's Letters developed by Ashley Slater


P!nky said...

OOOH! can't wait to see you rock the crop top! I'm too scared :)!

WEEEEEEEEEE almost 1000 followers, so exciting girlie!

BLovedBoston said...

I don't know how you arent on board with Juan Pablo...tisk tisk lol!! I totally agree with Jessica Simpson - she's my favorite and I still watch newlyweds secretly (or maybe not so secretly) wishing they were still together! #healthyeating is good for the body, not for the taste buds!! happy weekend!

kBr said...

love the "Omalley pics," and your Friday letter posts! I gotta say, I wasn't crazy about Juan Pable during the, i don't know cuz I can't watch it! I can't watch it the night it airs, but has a weird block on their shows now, so I can't watch it online anymore.

congrats on almost to 1000!!! that's a huge deal!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

When I took the quiz, I got London!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

almost to 1,000! woohoo! you go, girl!and that schimdt GIF - oh em gee. he is so hilarious!

happy weekend!

Navia said...

I use sea salt when I do use salt. I found out in a nutrition class I had to take that pepper has salt in it too.

BKCsquared said...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I took the quiz earlier today & got Barcelona! Which I kind of love. Only, I haven't been there!

xo, B

Fit With Flash said...

10 second plank, 5 second rest. 20 times. Go. : )

Alex said...

I got LA toooo. Soul sistas! And no joke about the healthy eating hashtags. #toomuch

Katie said...

I think Jessica Simpson still seems so sweet and genuine. I really like her. I just wish her and Nick were still together. My heart was forever broken after that.

I got Portland for that quiz. I disagree. I have no desire to go to Portland. oh and Juan Pablo is obnoxious. I just can't deal with him.

congrats again on your 1,000 followers! you deserve them.

Shannon said...

For some reason, your blog wasn't showing up in my feed anymore and I thought you went on a huge blog hiatus. Then I started getting worried, so I specifically went to your URL and realized you've been blogging all along. So you are back in my feed and you're alive.

Today is a good day!

Sara Louise said...

1. 1000 followers is a BIG deal. Go you!
2. I miss Jessica Simpson
3. I took that quiz too and I got Paris. All this time I've been wasting away down here in Provence when I should have been in Paris. I feel like a chump!