Thursday, December 5, 2013

So Full...The Final Chapter

This post would be what you call very poor planning. I was planning on finishing all my thankful posts on the last day of November but being out of town (can be read: being totally lazy) prevented that from happening. But here we are...with lots of days ready to be filled with thankfulness still. 

And as much as I hate to admit...this exercise was kinda hard! I mean once you whiz through family, friends and health...there's 27 more days to fill! 


Day 22 - College
It's an experience not everyone gets to do but I am endlessly thankful that I did. I met some of my most irreplaceable friends in college. And had some of my most favorite memories ever there. 

Day 23 - The Ocean
Here I ocean-loving-hippy-soul...all landlocked up in this city with a stagnant dirty river that everyone claims is "totally the same" is so totally not. I've always said....Atlanta would be like Nirvana if it had an ocean....well, and minus all the murder and drugs. 
Ocean ♥♥ 

Day 24 - My Blog
The memories, the growth, the friends, the place to vent, the place to be utterly silly. This blog has provided me so much space to just be me. I'll admit that some days it might seem a little tedious to keep up with but I think I'd feel like a little part of me was missing if I didn't have Run With Me. 

Day 25 - My apartment
I had 2 weeks to find a place to live in Atlanta...and let me tell you. Atlanta is a pretty darn big place. I didn't know East from West...Midtown from Downtown...I still don't. (that's what GPS systems are for.....duh). Rina, one of my best friends from college, lived here at the time and went and signed my lease for me and assured me that it was not in the ghetto...three years later I still live in the same complex. It's the perfect location. 
My future apartment

Day 26 - Fashion
I could do sit for hours endlessly looking at clothes and fashion blogs and Pinterest online. I mean seriously....I know we have to go through that whole horrible birthing process and stuff....but being a girl kinda rocks. I mean we get to wear all the fun clothes and shoes and accessories. Like, how boring would it be to wake up and have a polo or a button up as your only clothing options. Snoozeful. 
sequin pants. This is a need.
I pinned these pants last night....fairly certain they fall into the "need" category 

Day 27 - Technology
I'm so thankful for lets me call my mom 300 miles away every morning, let's me chat with my friends at work when my coworker wears denim on denim and I just have to tell someone....and it lets me skype into one of my sweetest friend's gender reveal party. God bless all you smart people that figure this stuff out. 

Day 28 - Music
Music has always been a big part of my life...whether it was church choir to the decade I lived and breathed piano to my obsession with music now. I love how music is so relate able and emotional. How you can just get lost in it. And how a song that was written by a total stranger can seem like it was written just for you. 
(11) taylor swift | Tumblr

Day 29 - Buckhead Church
How grateful I am for this place. I have never grown more or learned more than my time at this place. And I have never been to a church with more genuine, honest, humble people and leadership. This is how church was meant to be. 

Day 30 - Parties & Personalities
I sat in a room full of girls last night. All different kinds of girls. Girls with nerd glasses. Some pale as a white sheet on the laundry line. Some with prim little buns and others with hair as wild as a horses mane. There were quirky personalities. Loud and flamboyant ones. Quiet and shy ones....and I just thought, thank God we are all different. 

...also, parties...obviously. 

So even though it's December....I'm still thankful. 


Jess said...

I'm thankful to call you one of my best friends, pretty lady. XO

The Pink Growl said...

awww I love these posts! I love that you are thankful for your church and that it's helped ATL grow into your home. AMEN on the blog too!

P!nky said...

What a great post! So glad you have a blog so we could meet :)!

I love fashion :)!

Erin said...

Show me more pictures of your apartment! It's so pretty and pink and girly.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I didn't do any thankful posts in November, so I did mine today :-)

Your apartment looks so pretty!

shannon v. said...

I'm glad that's not a picture of your real apartment because those candles on that ottoman look like a fire hazard.

Also, I miss Buckhead Church :(

Also, I am now going to text you to see where you were last night with all these new, strange girls. Because that's what I do.

Erin LFF said...

So glad you're blogging, bc I think you're great! :) Having a good church is so so important, I'm glad you have that too!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i'm right there with you - thankfulness all year round! loving these lists, girl!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Yes to the ocean, technology and college, I completely agree! I can't believe that some people never have the college experience, it has shaped who i am so much!

Katie said...

I need those sparkly pants.