Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Challenge

It's here. 
The month of cookies and cakes and holiday parties galore!
And while I'm all about embracing life and time with your friends, I invite you to spend a little time just for you....and participate in the first ever Run With Me December Fitness Challenge. 

The challenge has no rest days! Just some simple workouts you can do alone or add to your current workout regimen. Below is the focus of the workouts with each day targeting a different part of the body and a mix of cardio throughout the week. No equipment needed except maybe a pair of light dumb-bells or some kind of heavy household object. 
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Mondays - All about abs. After the weekend and maybe some indulgences, it's a good time to focus on our core 
Tuesdays - Arms day. Nothing is better than sexy, sculpted arms
Wednesday - Legs! Just think Carrie Underwood as your motivation!
Thursdays - We're getting back to that core 
Fridays - It's a toss up! We'll be alternating Back Day and Butt Day....and just in time for those backless little tops and sassy holiday dresses 
Saturdays - Cardio Focus. The day is before you and Saturdays are perfect for setting some time aside just for you and your health. 
Sundays - It may be the day of rest but not for you. Your body takes care of you 7 days a week so you should return the favor. However, Sundays will be a little lighter on the workouts. 

The full calendar is below and I'll be posting the daily workouts on my Facebook Page

So who's in? 
Let's hold each other accountable and have the best holiday season ever! I'll be there with you every step of the way.


P.S. - If you don't know what one of the workout moves is, you can always email me


Ashley said...

Wow, girl. Great minds think alike! I'm challenging myself (and whoever wants to join) to be healthy this month, too! Trying the whole "clean eating" thing. But this is great for the fitness part-- I'm definitely in! :)

Jamie said...

Ugh. I wish I was this dedicated.

Navia said...

I am 100% in. I will definitely need someone to hold me accountable though.

Katie said...

oh gracious. I can't do this. I have plans to get healthy in 2014 but I kind of want to live it up this last month. Although that is also a bit of an excuse...I just am not good at sticking to a workout. I need someone to inspire me and push me and hold me accountable to stick with something, you know?

Good luck with this challenge! I know you can do it.

Brianna said...

I'm totally printing the calendar out and I'm going to try and keep up!!! I was just thinking how I really need to put a hold on my yogaworks membership because I NEVER GO and it's such a waste of money so I was going to try and just do work outs at home this month since I'm crazy busy anyway!! I think this is the key (: great idea Ash!!

Erica Ashley said...

I am in!! I am adding this to my monthly goals! What a great challenge!

Ericka said...

I'm a little behind in reading blog posts, but I just saw this one and I am totally in!! I started eating healthier about three weeks ago, and going to the gym a little bit, so this is perfect timing! Thanks for doing this, and can't wait to follow along.

kristenb527 said...

I'm definitely in! This sounds like a great idea! I always try to eat healthy and workout but this will definitely keep me accountable!

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Katie said...

Next time! I promise I'm doing this next time. Maybe even in January? Be my accountability?