Monday, December 16, 2013

.....and Justifications

This little space has been pretty neglected lately, except for the occasional stop-in. Furthermore....I haven't visited your little spaces in what seems like forever. But this post, which was originally intended to be many posts, can explain why.....You ready?

Work Trips to Cali

Play trips to South Carolina to see the Gamecocks play WIN....Go Cocks!

Coffee Dates with this chick


Turkey Trot Races

Real Thanksgiving

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

BFF Birthdays

.....ok, and 10K which I look like a troll...I mean, woof!
but Whit looks pretty!

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Party 

with this muffinhead....and this one

Bell Ringing

....and Cookie Exchange Parties

WHEW....all in a month's time. 

oh and on top of that not-so-little-thing called work.

In 5 words, tell me what you've been up to...and, GO.



walking dot photography said...

Ugh, I know exactly what you mean! I haven't posted regularly in a zillion years. Holidays make EVERYTHING crazy busy!

Jess said...

work, work, and more work.

Jamie said...

Kids, diapers, chores, freezing, and alcoholic beverages.

Tiffany said...

NFR (National Finals Rodeo), Shootout at Thanksgiving, Wrapping Gifts, Dates with the boy, new half marathon training began.

Okay...that's 5 things instead of 5 words, but ya know!

choose to be happy blog said...

i. look. scary. in. photo.

love you pretty!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo ps teach me how to curl my hair one of these dayzzz.

jayme said...

i'm still dreaming of how perfect your hair is in real life. swoooooon <3 love sooo much!

Alex said...

You busy little bee!!!

Pamela said...

So busy but so much fun!!!

Sara Louise said...

5 words... 1. Planning 2. To 3. Announce 4. Big 5. News
P.S. I'm really digging those highlights :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm loving your hair!!

I've been:

blogging, shopping for Christmas, organizing the house, getting rid of clothes and donating them, and doing Christmas things :-)

Katie said...

Dang girl! You've been busy but sounds like life has been fun.