Monday, November 18, 2013

The one where I loved Miley Cyrus and Might Be Weird

                                                                         An Accumulation of Fall Confessions

I Confess…I had a moment where I adored Miley Cyrus. It was during my half marathon on mile 11 and I was struggling ya’ll…and then this old school Hannah Montana song – “Who Said” came on my play list and totally energized me. Seriously, the lyrics are 10,000 shades of cheesy but when you’re struggling to put one foot in front of the other, saying /singing to yourself “who says I can’t be superman” oddly invigorates you.

I Confess…I then hated Miley Cyrus again. During a meeting I was leading yesterday at work, I picked up my phone and randomly “Wrecking Ball” started blaring out of nowhere. I had to leave the room because I could not get it to be quiet.

I Confess…I don’t know how to change my car clock. Here we are 3 weeks into daylight savings time and I’m still an hour and seven minutes ahead of real life time when me and Pippa are riding dirty. I know I could always pull out my car manual but I’m kind of a man when it comes to instructions. I prefer to doddle with the button combinations until I get it right.

I Confess…I think I might be one of those weird people who don’t know it. A former flame once called me “odd” upon meeting me and this week someone told me I was “sweet but peculiar.” If I really am weird, will someone please let me know?!

I Confess….I’m accidentally blonde. I went in for highlights and came out BLONDE ….it’s tamed down some with washing and I no longer walk by the mirror and say “who’s that girl?”…but good grief...I’ve had to change my makeup, my wardrobe color palette and I already have roots! Props to you full time blondes…It’s a lot of hard work and  I can guarantee this toe-head situation of mine is a temporary one.

I confess….I sent my male coworker a link to an article I remember as being funny and then, after sending, did a quick re-read only to realize it was full of lady jokes. #awkward
Hello, Tampon makers... 
Can I get a silent tampon 
wrapper please?

Sounds like I'm 
opening a bag of 
Sun Chips up in here.

I Confess…I had a pivotal “turning the corner” moment at camp last month. After our staff meeting (which was over at midnight,) some of the high school and college kids from work crew wanted to go to Waffle House and invited me. And for the first time in my life, I chose sleep over a late night run to the Waffle House. Translated…I must be getting old.
waffle house

What do you confess?


Ashley said...

The Miley part/the "weird" part made me laugh out loud! I promise you're not weird.. from what I can tell/read ;) Also, loving the accidental blonde! It looks great on you!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I think the accidental blonde looks good on you!

Back when Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana (maybe 6 years ago), some lady at Subway told me that I look like her. My response, Is that a good thing? If she had said that now.... eek!

Erica Ashley said...

I LOVE your hair!! It looks great on you!! Cheesy songs are the best when your struggling through a half marathon! The cheesier the better! At that point, you literally need to be told to put your one foot in front of the other!

Brittany said...

Haha I can't tell you how many times I have wondered if I am weirdo/outcast and no one tells me.

Brianna said...

okay your hair looks amazing!! Like I really love it! So fun and different so keep rocking it ;) and don't worry. TOTAL grandma here... like I get excited for the moment at night when I get to turn my humidifier on and go to bed.

walking dot photography said...

I did the same accidentally blonde move once, too! Learned my lesson. (I look WAY better as a brunette!)

Sara Louise said...

You're working those blonde locks!

P!nky said...

First you look like one badass of a blonde in that outfit, ow ow!

Wrecking ball is a horrible song because miley sings it!

You are unique sweet friend just like everyone else. :)!

Shannon said...

Even if it is temporary, you ROCK the lighter hair. Just wow.

Alex said...

Sweet but peculiar...haha I'd say that's a pretty ok compliment!! Weird is better than normal any day :) [just not the creepy kind of weird...which you are not]

Maggie said...

Oh how I needed this post today :) It made me laugh...especially the Miley part. For the record, YOU are not weird, but she for sure is.

Also, sleep is underrated.

Jamie said...

My car clock is still wrong! I don't know how to fix it.

Katie said...

I still think your hair looks stunning.