Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Full... Part Three

...and the thankfulness just never ends 

Day 14 - That my address doesn't include the words "Gaza" or "Strip"...basically, America
Even though I like learning about other cultures ("learning" can be read as "visiting") my first love will always be for America, the greatest country in the world. I mean, we're a country that saved the world....twice! A country that people risk their lives to come to. A country full of opportunity and freedoms. No other country in the world is like ours. #'Merica

Day 15 - Moms....more specifically mine. 
It's a pretty cool thing when you're mom is also one of your closest friends. I talk to my mom every morning on the way to work...granted, most days it's pretty boring updates about what I microwaved cooked for dinner the night before or watched on TV but, my morning just wouldn't be the same without our mini phone calls. 

Day 16 - Puppies & Other Fuzzy Things
We are such huge animal people. My whole family. In a part of the country where people count down to Opening Day (of hunting season) our family can be found setting out dishes of cat food and water for raccoons, opossums, cats and other strays. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being a meat-i-tarian, but let's leave it to the cow farmers. Guys who hunt are such a turn-off to me. Like, sitting in a tree, laying out food and then waiting for something to come along to shoot...and taking joy in that, blows my mind. I prefer to enjoy the much less happy would the world be without faces like this. 

Day 17 - Dads
We live in an age where many people don't have one of these. I'm so thankful that I do...and a great one at that...even if he does abhor taking pictures with me. I mean look at this joyful face. 

Day 18 - The Perfect Baby Pink Lip Gloss
I think it's a well-known fact that I love makeup. But one item that I never stray from is my affinity for baby pink lip gloss. And, one quick peruse through my handbag will confirm that, no...there are actually no limits to the number of baby pink lip glosses one needs in her purse. 

Day 19 - Rainy Days
Even though I'm a sunshine girl, I love a good rainstorm...particularly on chilly Sunday afternoons. A good movie and a cozy blanket...there's nothing better (except a sunny day on the beach...duh) 
ah perfect

Day 20 - Pilates
I really tried to go one thankful post without something fitness related but, truth is, fitness is a big, huge part of my life. It's something I'm really really really thankful for. Recently, I've been getting into Pilates and I love it. It's not as high-impact, sweat-it-out as running but it's so good for you. 
Motivation 💙
I really hate when they use my body on someone else's face. 

Day 21 - My Transit Kids
I'm not a mom and, honestly, some days I go back and forth between wanting three or maybe just one or maybe just a dog. But, on Sundays...Sundays, I have kids...about 80 of them. All aged 10-14. And I love them. They are the kids I volunteer with at church and they are so much fun. So many different personalities and faces. So thankful for them. 



Erin LFF said...

Your mom and dad are both so cute :) Love the great relationships you have with both of them- family is so important! And I love that you work with kids at your church- so rewarding.

Michaela said...

So special :) Love moms and dads and especially kiddos!

The Pink Growl said...

You look just like your mama!!! Pretty ladies! I love these posts.

BLovedBoston said...

That lip gloss collection looks a lot like mine & I know they are many shades of baby pink!! So true about mom's and dad's...i certainly have the same phone call with my mom on my walk to work!

Erica Ashley said...

Such a great post! Those kids are so lucky to have you as a role model! Seriously, doesn't it get so annoying every time you see a photo with your body and someone else's face ;)

Alex said...

Sooo with you on the animal/hunting business. My mom is notorious for feeding alllll the neighborhood stray cats. She has also rescued more than a few baby opossums. And hunting? Noooo thank you. Nope nope. Regarding pilates...have you tried Pure Barre? If not, DO IT. I am obsessed. And this is coming from a girl who hates exercise [sorry]. You should try it out!