Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's Letters.....I love you like a pink starburst

Dear Thanksgiving...I may still be in a food coma from you. But I'm going to have to suck it up because clearly, there are leftovers to be had. There are also fun pictures to share, like this sneak peak above. Dear Christmas...Thanks to Thanksgiving landing so late, we are now in full-on shopping panic mode. Dear Black Friday Shoppers....I know I will be jealous when I hear of all the amazing deals you snapped up, but there is no electronic or sweater I am willing to get out of bed for at 3am. Kudos to you. Dear Book Club Book...You are literally the most boring book I have ever read..And even though I may only be on page 19, I'm fairly certain I will feel the same about you on page 263. Dear Yoga Pants....We've been real tight this week (pun intended) and it's been real fun...but it's not going to be pretty come Monday when it's time to go back into the heels and the pencil skirt.Dear The Gym...Good lord I miss you! I must have turned into a wimp somewhere along the way because running in the cold outside has become far less appealing....even if the views are pretty amaze. 

Dear Readers....I know I've been doing all these thankful posts (and we still have one more to go) but I truly am so thankful for you all. I was reminded yesterday just how real and amazing this blog world of ours is as I received message after message, all from blog friends....I love you guys. 

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Happy BLACK Friday Muffinheads!


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Katie Did What said...

Okay, 1. you are the cutest, and 2. I have to REALLY love someone to give them one of my pink starbursts ;)


Stacy G said...

Hey, I love your blog and the starburst quote is so true! lol

Katie said...

so cute! We are doing a little thanksgiving type meal with our bible study group on Thursday and I'm looking forward to that fellowship plus more FOOD.

I wish I had some starburst.

Sara Louise said...

Whoever came up with that Starburst quote is a total genius because it is so true.