Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Letters....California Tales, Sticky Rice & Pat Downs

Hotel Viewing 

Dear California...I get it. You're green and environmentally-friendly but man, sometimes a girl just needs some bottled water....not a cup with filtered water, or a mini easily-compacted bottle....I'm talking a big-ole-non-recyclable-bad-for-the-environment-1-liter-bottle of water. #sothirsty Dear San Diego Co-Workers....It was so nice to finally meet you, to put a name to the voices I talk to nearly every day. It's odd, even though our company is thousands deep, we're like a little family. Dear Linda and Lily from Vietnam....You were definitely entertaining aisle row mates. Thanks for offering to share you egg rolls, sticky rice and Mexican candy with me. You for sure win most unconventional plane snacks award. Dear San Diego Security...I had two visits through you yesterday and received a very intimate pat down and a hand dusting for explosives haven't lived til you have to hold your sweater up while a stranger lady pats your rear end down in front of 40 other people. YOLO? Dear Elana Lynette....Crossing my fingers this is the weekend I finally get to meet you little muffin! Dear USC....I'm coming baccckkkk! Can't wait to don my cowboy boots and black dress and relive my college days cheer you on!

Dear this little blog of's a good thing you're a blog and not like a fish or a child...because you have been sooo neglected. I promise that will change...after this weekend. 

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XO, A 


P!nky said...

Wow, that's some very interesting plane food!

Enjoy Cali!

The Pink Growl said...

that baby is adorable!!!

Fit With Flash said...

your blog and mine both, guuuurl. #posted3timesthismonth